sous chef

J:  (sounding puzzled)  For some reason I'm really enjoying this.  Can I help you again tomorrow night?

James has a long history of helping me in the kitchen but hasn't been very interested for the last few months.  It's good to have him back. 

(Next I'm going to steal my friend Vicki's idea and teach him to make his own cupcakes!)

mwa ha ha.



  1. Elijah LOVES to make salad, and I love to eat salad (match made in heaven:)

  2. One of my goals is to teach the kids how to cook some of their favorite things. Maybe even some 'normal' not-quite-favorite-things. I try to take pictures along the way and hope to be able to present them with a bound book of recipes with pictures of them cooking the meals - when they move out. Micah still wants me to check every frozen pizza he cooks just to make sure I think it's done. He's very cautious, overly cautious. But I'm working on him! Sounds like you have a good 'cooker' in the making! =0)

    Thanks for your encouraging note!


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