susan, it's all your fault

My friend Susan sent me an email the other day and innocently mentioned she had bought a Jillian Michaels DVD.

She had no way of knowing that I had been avoiding the Jillian Michaels DVD in my own cabinet.


I pulled it out today and quickly remembered why exactly I hated it.

It's so hard!

My arms are aching.  My legs are weak.  I hate jumping jacks.

But I did it!  And I will try to do it at least twice a week from now on.  It's definitely a good work out but I knew it wasn't where I should start from.  Jillian is something you should work up to, at least a little, in my opinion.

Also?  She is kind of a you-know-what so I did it with the volume off and enjoyed it a lot more.  My other DVD friends are so kind and encouraging during the workouts.  "You made a good decision this morning!"  "Your heart is getting stronger every minute!"  That is what I like, what makes me smile at my tv like the village idiot, not someone growling at me to "stop phoning it in."  Whatever, Jillian. 

So, Susan?  Thank you.  :)  And have fun.  hahahhahahahaa.

In other news, we had a mini blizzard over here.  Not much snow but lots of blowing and drifiting.  Nicholas woke up at 1am and his little fingers were ice cold.  I figured Patrick must have forgotten to turn the heat up and took him into bed with us.  I woke up at 6am and was going to move him back to his crib but the house felt sooooo cold.  I went down to turn up the heat and saw it was on 61!  And the furnace wouldn't turn on!  I crawled back into bed (with the baby) and told Patrick our furnace was broken.  A while later he went down to check things out and the troubleshooting guide led him to the vent that vents the carbon monoxide was totally blocked with snow.  Our furnace (and I'm sure yours) has an emergency shut off valve when this happens.  Good to know.  We do have a detector but it's much nicer to wake up to a cold house than one full of poisonous gas, no?

When I realized how cold it was I checked on the big kids.  They were cuddled up under their blankets sound asleep.  I was plenty warm under my pink goody blanket*, too.  I think next year, when baby can have warm blankets, we will definitely turn our heat down at night.  (we keep it at 70 now)

(Speaking of that blanket.  It is so freaking warm, have I mentioned that?  Patrick and I joke that it should be included in emergency kits.  Can you imagine busting open an emergency kit only to have a huge pink Shabby Chic blanket pop out.  hahahhahaaeee.  I want to buy the twin size ones for the kids but am having a hard time spending $50 each.  I should just cough it up because they are so cozy.)

A snow day means James is home and man, did he wake up crabby.  About 30 minutes in his bedroom right off the bat and some extra homework at the kitchen table finally got through to him.  I was worried there for a while. 

Our final piece for the living room came in yesterday.  Patrick put it together last night and we're really happy with it.

 It will hold the printer, too.  It's a little crowded over on that side of the room now so I'll be working on that this weekend.  The small table I was using as a desk in that corner just looked so cluttered all the time.  Now I can just close the doors.  :)  The ottoman was our other purchase.  (we usually keep it in front of the couch but I had moved it to exercise.  sucker is heavy.)  A big thank you to my Dad for funding the new purchases with his Christmas gift to us! 
Finally, here is a picture of James cutting a pickle into "relish."  He likes pickles on his sandwiches but not the big slices that I buy.  Chopping them up in to tiny pieces makes them taste a lot better, he said.

I must go now and play some more R&L with my children.  I think after that I will make a crustless quiche for dinner (for patrick and I) and fold laundry.

I just had one of those small bursts of joy that brought tears to my eyes.  This is not my ideal day, or season, but I am still so thankful for all of it.

I hope you are, too.  xoxo

*My sister called her favorite blanket her "goody blanket" when she was little. 


  1. Glad the heater went off!!! Man I wish I was at your house 70!!!! oh how wonderful that would be. If Mark is not around sometimes I bump the heater up to 70, but then I feel guilty.

  2. Dave bought me that blanket two years ago I think. We fight over it. (we call ours the "pink dandy".) Dave slept on the couch one night with Sammi and the first thing he said was "DAMN this blanket is warm. Why dont I have one of my own?" Then I reminded him that I LEFT ONE AT THE FREAKING THRIFT b/c I was too cheap to pay $20 for it. Now I will be forced to pay Target an ungodly sum to get another one. Oy.

  3. I'm glad to be an inspiration! And I feel honored to be mentioned on your blog. Holy cow - what a day!! :)
    I need to inspire myself now. I want to do that DVD every day this week and start myself a new habit. Fingers crossed!!!
    I'm glad your heater shut off - that kind of stuff really scares me. Love all your new additions to your home - they look great!!!
    I really hope to see you soon.

  4. I have just started the 30 day shred but I do it every other day with walking on non-shred days. It is so tough!

  5. Turn it up to 70, Zoe. Live it up! :)

    Thank you, Susan. We should check in with each other! Want to?

    you too, Sybil. It would be more fun to suffer the shred with someone else.

  6. Oh yes, let's suffer the shred as a united front!!!!


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