there were no heart shaped pizzas

you guys.

I was in bed for nearly 40 hours.

so sick.

ugh.  It was awful. 

But today I am up and feeling so much better.

Thank God.

Patrick stayed home yesterday. 

He made me a heart shaped egg sandwich.  (xoxo)

Nicholas has it now, but not as bad.  Poor kid.  I am keeping him on Advil because that really helped me. 

I hope you had nice Valentine's days.

I am hoping to make the heart shaped pizzas tonight but I am not telling anyone in case I am too tired by then.

Have a good Wednesday!  Another mild day open!

The light sure feels different reflecting off of grass instead of snow.  lovely.



  1. Bummer!!! Hope you feel better and that the little one does also.

  2. sorry you were sick - and on a day with so many heart-plans! There's something nasty going around. Hope you are better now.

    Isn't this thaw AMAZING?!


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