James woke up back to his normal self this morning.  He is coughing a little but was fine for school.  See ya!  hahahahhahaaa.

I heard Ruby moaning a little as she was getting dressed.  (she sleeps in her underwear and always gets dressed immediately after waking)  I went to the bottom of the stairs and she walked towards me, looking more pink and flushed than usual.

She is home sick today.  I called in to her preschool and they told me, "Oh yeah.  We sent 3 kids home with fevers yesterday."  So far no other symptoms but this does seem different than what James had.  Great.  :)

I cannot exercise until Max & Ruby and Bubble Guppies are over as my girl has been waiting all morning to watch them.  (Bubble Guppies is on while she is at school which makes her very sad.  It is a really cute show.  I mainly just like the name.)

Besides, I have a new rule for myself for these next 3 weeks.  No blogging until...
I take my vitamins!  (I will probably wait to blog until after I exercise most days, too, as that works really well for me.)  I have been slacking on taking my vitamins for a while so I figured I'd force myself to.  I take a fish oil, a prenatal (no, not preggers...just good vitamins) and a vitamin D.

Do you take daily vitamins?  What are they?

This is also one of my favorite drinking "glasses" as it says 24 oz. right on it so I know how much I'm getting in.  (I am also bad at drinking water lately.  shame on me.)

My afternoon did get better yesterday, in case you were worried about me.  The big kids stayed in their rooms (rather, James in their room, Ruby in ours) for an hour (they knew there would be BIG trouble if they didn't...I had that look in my eye) so I could just chill out a little.  I first blogged about how irritating they were being, read & commented on a couple other blogs, got the downstairs picked up and the dishes done, set up my sewing machine in the kitchen,

worked on my valentines,

(I came up with a different idea after the stamps...I couldn't very well send out a card everyone had seen, could I?)  (I love them!!)

and started dinner.  It was very nice.  When they came out I let James play Nintendo so I got another half hour of quiet, too.  (Ruby plays down there while he is playing Nintendo.)

We ate dinner a while later and I used the timer to take this lovely portrait of us:

I cropped off the most unflattering section of this photo, trust me.  (note to self: work on posture.)  (no blogging until I sit up straight!  HA!)

For my last tidbit today, I will show you my laundry shelf:

I don't love this shelf itself but the whole concept is working out very nicely.  I usually fold laundry in our bedroom and sort it into piles on our bed as I go.  The problem is that I don't usually get it put away so it all gets piled on the floor at bedtime or in a basket where it sits and sits
sits.  Then we come to need those clothes so people start digging through it and it is a big mess on our bedroom floor.  Not cool.
With the laundry shelf® I simply stack each kid's clothes into a pile and they take them to their room when I tell them or they notice.  (Ruby loves this and always notices.  James needs to be prodded.  His pile is on the top shelf...he actually took it this morning.  And pickles is kind of slacking but I am pretty lenient with him.  ;)  )  I do put my stuff and Patrick's in our closets right away.  I like it so much better this way.

My sister and I talked about how laundry rooms should be family closet/laundry room combos so the laundry could get put away instantly.  Wouldn't that be awesome???  I could see it getting awkward at some point, though.  "EWWWWWWW, MOM!"  haha.

Have a good Tuesday, darlings.


  1. I keep saying that they can make a phone the size of my finger (if they wanted), send a man to the moon, make tvs super flat.... and they can not make a washing machine that also puts the laundary in the dryer, folds it!!!!

  2. Oh and I hope that Ruby feels better SOON! Ada had it last week and it lasted ALLLLLLL week, boy I hope that is not what Ruby has.

  3. thanks, zoe. I'm sure it's something different that lasts only one day. ;)

  4. I have some friends who brilliantly designed their house so the closet in their bedroom is also the laundry room. It's a big closet. There's a closet system in there that has buckets for socks/underwear/shirts/etc for everyone. That is where they store the clothes for everybody. It's such a great idea. I often think about that as I trudge my baskets up two flights of stairs, then plod around upstairs, shoving the boys' clothes into their drawers.

    What a nice idea having the kids put it away themselves.

    Also? Love the salsa jar/drinking glass. You are killing me with your jars!

    Also? you are funny.

  5. Oh, forgot this...

    I just take a Trader Joe's women's multivitamin. When I remember, that is...

    why do you take the Vitamin D? and the fish oil?

    Does your fish oil taste really fish oily? I took some for a while but burped up fish all day long. gross.


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