valentine's day treats

I'm wanting to make my kids all sorts of heart shaped stuff to eat this Valentine's Day. 

I'm going to revisit this pie crust idea but use a larger heart shape and seal two of them together with a thickened blueberry compote in the middle.  I may or may not be planning to drizzle these with glaze.

That will most likely be called breakfast. 

There will surely be heart shaped sandwiches for lunch with some chocolate heart cut outs for dessert.

At dinner I am thinking individual, heart-shaped pizzas.  Dessert might be red velvet cupcakes with heart sprinkles.

So fun!  :)

Are you planning anything special for your loves?



  1. Get out! I've been having a little of the heart-shaped-things yearning too! but the difference between me and you is that I've done nothing, not one thing, about it. You, on the other hand, have fantastic ideas!

    How will you make a heart shaped pizza?

    I might have to steal some of your other ideas.

    The only thing I've planned for V-day is to ask my boys to buy me some perfume. hahahaha. I'm such a giver!


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