well, hello there

How are you?  (Do you know that when I ask that I really want to know?  I do.)

I am good.  I just finished you-know-whating and feel really good.  I hadn't done it since Friday and I have to admit that today was hard to get moving.

This is why I am trying to exercise nearly every day.  I am not someone who can say, "Oh, I'll exercise three times a week!" because I would wait and wait, thinking I'll do in on W-Th-F and then on Wednesday I would think, "Oh, I'll just do it Th-F-S."  And then on Thursday?  I wouldn't do it and the whole week would be a fail.  That's just how I am, sad to say.  I am not going to beat myself up for taking a couple days off here and there, though.  Especially when they were such good days.  (Exercising would have only made them better, in hindsight.)

On Saturday I got to sit on the couch and have coffee with Patrick.  I love that.  Then I got ready and left, FOR THE DAY.  It was so nice.

Patrick has been a little more reluctant to watch the children since Nicholas came along.  Hey, he doesn't have to tell me, it's a lot more work with a baby.  I have gone slow with him...not going anywhere at all for the first few months and then getting away for just 2 or 3 hours.  (which felt like forever after so long.)  Luckily, for whatever reason, I have been pretty content with that.

Until lately.  haha.  When Nicholas started waking up at 8:30, after going down at 7:00, that essentially grounded me at night.  Before I could also sneak in a week night trip to Target or something after a long day but that came to a screeching halt.  When baby gets up at night, he only wants me.

So anyways, that has been kind of hard.  I know a couple things, though.  1)  This is the way we do things...we've never made sure our kids would take a bottle and 2) This is only temporary.  (the 8:30 wake up seems to be very nearly over)

This was all a very long way of saying that Patrick was alone with all 3 kids for nearly 8 hours on Saturday.  Woo hoo!  And he was sweet about it.  I came home to a clean house and dinner on the table.  Pickles was very excited to see me nurse, but Patrick had said he'd had a really good day.  (he goes down during the day for Patrick, no problem.)  I'm not going to start ditching them every weekend but it is sure nice to know that I can.  A little bit of freedom is a very good thing.

So Saturday was very nice.  I did meet Zoe and she showed me how to knit!  That was fun but I'm not so sure knitting is my thing.  I have always wanted to know how though, so I am glad.  Thanks, Zoe!  I have a feeling it might be something I'd enjoy more in the future when I have a little more free time.  Right now if I get to sit down I mainly like to read.  If I do watch TV I like to totally veg out and focus on it...soak it up for all of the guilty pleasure that it is.  (because I mainly like bad reality TV, it is a guilty pleasure.  but one that I don't feel very guilty about, if that makes any sense.)

I also wandered around some of my favorite haunts and got some groceries for the special treats we had yesterday during the big game.  It was very nice.  (happy sigh)

James is home sick today and just fell asleep on the couch after I rubbed his back.  So sweet.  He wants me to leave him here while I go get Ruby from preschool but I'm not sure.  Is he old enough to be alone for 15 minutes?  I'm going to call Patrick and get his opinion.

Finally, here are a few pictures of things that made me happy this weekend:

This new jar (empty applesauce jar) with marshmallows made me very happy:

 Today is the 100th day of school so we made up these baggies of 100 snacks for each of James' classmates.  I dropped them off this morning.  (he was feeling fine when we made them up and he did wash & sanitize his hands first.  I told the teacher that and said it was her call.  :)  )
 James & Patrick worked on a new fort:
 I made pretzel bites with my helper, Ruby.  They barely rose but still turned out really good.  (like, really good.)  (I used dairy free margarine and brushed the tops with soy milk instead of egg before baking.)
 Patrick found James down on the couch Saturday night with this note beside him.  He was waiting for us to turn our light out so he could record the time.  Man, this cracked us up.  The kids are very jealous of what we do when they go to bed so they have been spying on us lately. 
 There was lots of game playing this weekend.  Shortly after this picture things turned ugly.  James was hiding the winning card.  ha!  Little rat.  Thank you to Uncle Thomas & Erin for getting the kids new games for Christmas.  Love that.
 Um, some of the pretzels weren't as good.  This was my cinnamon and sugar batch.  Next time I will put the cinnamon and sugar on AFTER baking.  My bad.

Have a really good Monday, dear ones.



  1. So happy you had a free day this weekend! Those are more precious than rubies. :)

    I like to knit but struggle with it too because of my need for instant gratification--sometimes thinking of all those hundreds stitches necessary before it becomes a scarf/hat/blanket etc. is overwhelming.

    I'm the same way about exercise. And I haven't done mine for today either (since Thursday).

  2. So glad to hear you had an incredible Saturday! that sounds heavenly!! Way to go with exercising! I love reading about you exercise, keeps me motivated! I do love Jillian though and her "don't phone it in" lines. I think I need a personal trainer who yells at me.
    James. Ruby and Nicholas are too darn cute.
    OK, I am hoping this publishes, because I can't even see the visual verification thing. might take 3-4 tries.

  3. Holly - I thought the same thing about knitting. I might not be a patient enough crafter for it in the long run. I like small projects that are started and finished up pretty fast.

    Jules - Good thing we are not work out buddies. :) I apparently need more coddling than you. heehee. I am so happy you are blogging again and have to get over there and tell you so. xo

  4. we could be work out buddies! You could yell at me and I could encourage you. It would be great!!
    And I shouldn't have talked about how great our young one is doing.he was a crank yesterday morning and he wouldn't nap today and. is. crabby. horribly. so. at least I know he will fall asleep tonight. but i could really use a large glass of wine right now.


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