why dads (patrick) are so much more fun than moms (me)

It was Sunday evening. I was in our room with the baby and Patrick was going to do bath time with the big kids. They said they both wanted showers. I heard the door to the garage opening and closing and then lots of laughing. A minute later I heard a loud motor, like a hair dryer, and wondered why he would be drying Ruby's hair before her shower.  The laughing turned to squealing and I took mr. pickles out to investigate.

Patrick was standing over the tub with his drill and drywall mixer, similar to what's shown in the above picture, whipping the tub water and some shampoo up into a FRENZY of bubbles.  The kids were just going nuts. 

 By the time I went to get my camera the bubbles were dying down a lot but they had so much fun in there.  Pickles loved it, too.  (he just splashed)

I'm guessing there won't be too many more times these two take a bath together.  Each time one of them stood up it was all WIENERS! and VAGINAS!


I'm not so chatty this week.  I'm not sure why.  Just one of those quiet, introspective moods that I often have.

ha!  :)

Just busy, really.  I still haven't cleaned the bathroom (and it's totally overdue now) but I have done lots of laundry, been exercising, went out for a very nice evening with friends (Patrick put the baby to bed!  I had 2 (weak) margaritas!), got to vent & talk a little about food allergies (thanks Vicki!), paid the bills, took the kids to get hair cuts, had James' conference, played in Ruby's lair with her, cooked some decent meals (so sick of cooking right now) and ate my fair share of nainamo bars.  (James finally polished those off last night.  He loved them.) 

I hope you have a good day today.  I might come back later if inspired to do so and have a spare moment. 



  1. Oh my goodness - what a great dad Patrick is!!!! I can just imagine how much fun that was.


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