balls balls balls

No, I'm not referring to yesterday's recipe.  I'm referring to my motivation.  I have 3 more days of walking to meet my goal and I am just not feeling it this morning.  I want to get it done, though.  Once I start I am always glad that I did.  Okay.  10:15am - walking time!

I got my new DVD with the firm bands and LOVE it.  That was exactly the extra something that I was wanting in her workouts.  On Saturday Patrick sat on the couch with his coffee and watched me work out for an hour (I didn't walk on Friday so had 2 miles to make up).  Afterwards he said I shouldn't tell people that I do a "walking workout" because that sounds so easy and lame compared to what it's actually like.  That made me feel good.  :)  That and being able to kick my leg up over his head.


How are you guys?  Besides feeling shleppy (??) I am good.  Yesterday was busy, busy but really fun.  James had early release and Wendy was on spring break from student teaching so her and I and another friend took all the kids to McDonalds to play and then Wendy and the girls came back to our house while Kelly took the 3 boys (not pickles) to her house.  It was really fun and reminded me of doing fun stuff in the summer.  I am really looking forward to school being over.  I am also looking forward to it starting next fall (kindergarten!) but am so happy to have a full summer with all my kids first. 

I know it sounds obvious, all the changes that come along with adding another kid to a family, but it takes me a while to recognize exactly how I am feeling these changes.  I definitely have fewer moments with each of my big kids.  When Ruby does end up in my lap for a minute or we're sitting next to each other eating our cereal and nobody else is wanting's hard to's almost like I can feel my brain slow down and focus in on her.  I feel that now...that little gift of just a moment with one of them.  Ruby can tune out anything and just be with me.  James likes it best when it's strictly one on one.  Before everyone else is up in the morning or if Ruby watches a show upstairs after school...that's when he likes to hang out with me for a while.  I love it.  We spend lots of time all together reading or playing games or fighting (ha) or playing with the baby but having one on one time with them during the day is so special to me now.

Okay.  Enough of that.  I just had a moment, I guess.  :)

Patrick was at work all night last night.  They have a system shipping out today and he just couldn't get something to work right.  He slept in his office for a few hours and then went to Hubbard Ave for a Carnivore omelet this morning.  He sounded so tired but is going to try and come home early today for a nap.  Poor bunny.

Should I tell you something funny?  Patrick and I were kissing the other night and he rolled over onto my wrist and it made this loud snapping noise.  It surprised me more than anything and I cried out. 

S:  AH!
P:  What?!
S:  You just broke my wrist!
P:  Oh.  (short pause) Can we still have sex?

ha!  He started laughing and said he thought that would be funny to say.  It was.  Maybe you had to be there.  (But that would have been weird.)

I got new walking/jogging shoes on Sunday!  I went to Movin' Shoes on Park Street and was super happy with their service.  The guy basically said I have hobbit feet but was able to find a shoe that fit me well.   Afterwards I went to Title Nine and was not impressed with their service at all.  I was the only one in the store, 2 girls were working, and after they greeted me upon entering (and pointedly did not say, "Can I help you with anything today?") they both went in the back room!  I had to go find them and try and get their attention to try something on.  Irritating.  Plus, I didn't really find a super comfy bra.  I wasn't going to pay $56 for something that I didn't like.  bummer. 

It is past 10:15 now but I decided I am exercising at 10:30.  See how flexible I am?  :)  I am trying to decide my fitness goal for April.  It will probably be 6 days a week/30 minutes but a mix up of cardio and weight stuff.  I am really looking forward to doing some other work outs!

My last item of interest:  I sold another clothespin bag this week!  Yay!  I want to make some more now.  I know I've only sold 2 but it is encouraging to have a sale.  I have so much awesome fabric to use...I am kind of inspired now but am not sure when to fit sewing in. 

That's the other change about having a much less time.  I have pretty much accepted that now.  It's still hard sometimes but time really does go so fast

See?  It's already 10:30.  Have a great day!



  1. THis whole post cracked me up, very sweet and very funny! :}

  2. I will check the brand of my very comfortable but supportive sports bra and get back to you- it's the best I've ever had. How is the running going for you? Or have you started yet? I had to quit because my knees are KILLING me- I walk like a very old lady now. Keep us posted:)


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