cookie cookie cookie starts with C

I came home last Saturday evening to find Nicholas in his high chair with a piece of chocolate cake.

I wanted to wait for his birthday but Patrick didn't know that.  (oh well.)

So yesterday it was easy to say, "what the heck!  let's give the baby a cookie!"  :)

He liked it.

I used a flaxseed & water mixture as the egg replacer and I didn't like it as much as the powdered soy milk & corn starch mixture that I normally use.  The kids can't tell the difference, though...they really liked them.

James & Ruby said yesterday was the best afternoon ever because I let them have a mini fondue as an after school snack.  James melted chocolate chips (in the microwave) and then they dunked strawberries, sunbutter balls (used a recipe similar to this but with wheat germ added) and pretzels.  They loved it!  A while later I let them blow bubbles in the kitchen.  Man, they thought I was double awesome.

I'm not sure what got into me.  ;)

Right now I'm going to do my 2 mile walk.  I am still on track and will have 18.5 miles after today.  woot!

Thanks for the comments on the groceries post, too.  I am a little lonely this week and the conversation was much appreciated.  :)  I like how my darling aunt Kristy figured out the cost per person/per day.  It makes it seem SO much better to look at it that way...pretty amazing, actually.  We don't eat out a whole lot, either, so that budget feeds all of us for most meals.  (well, probably only 3 lunches a week for Patrick.)

Anything else you all want to talk about?  I'm all ears.  :)



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