does this happen to you?

Whenever I have a cold I lose my sense of taste.  I hate it!  I haven't tasted much since Sunday except for an occasional reprieve when I blow my nose.  My mom says this never happens to her.  I think she's lying.  :)  Does it happen to you?

I did end up getting the house all picked up yesterday (the kitchen was the worst) and some dinner made.  It was an icky afternoon, though.  Nicholas is SO whiny, like, clinging to my legs whiny.  I tried putting him in two different carriers and he wasn't into that, either.  Just a long day.  I yelled at the kids, too, which always makes me feel guilty.  They are so sickening sometimes, though!  I get so sick of them harassing each other and talking so snotty to each other.  I had that ironic moment of yelling at them to stop yelling at each other.  Classic.  sigh.  Today I am writing bible verses about anger and positive words for myself on index cards for my cupboards so I am ready this afternoon.  I am totally okay with getting mad at them and giving them consequences (harsh ones.  ha!) for their actions but I hate when I yell because then I feel like I am being naughty, too.  Sometimes, though, yelling might be better than what I am wanting to do.  You know?  Like shake the crap out of them.  heehee.

How was your day?  (bright fake smile)

But you know what?  Yesterday is so over and today is here!  yay!  I did exercise last night so that felt good.

random thought:  Do you know I have an iPod that I've never even opened?  We can't have iTunes with our computer's operating system so I thought I couldn't use it.  HELLO, STUPID.  (I mean me) I can download music from Amazon, too!  I'm excited now!  Good walking music, here I come.

(walk down memory lane:  I remember when we got our first mp3 player about 8 or 9 years ago.  It was around $200 and could hold maybe 50 songs.  hee.  I would bring it to the Natatorium and jam out while I used the elliptical machines.  ( my body too bootylicious for ya bay-bay...)  I loved that time of my life.  I felt so good and healthy and then I got knocked up.  And then we lost that baby and I got very depressed and ate a lot of donuts and gained 10 pounds.  And then we got pregnant again and had little James.  yay!  But I never did lose that 10 pounds...)

So, ANYWAYS.  Here are some messy baby pictures.  I usually don't like looking at messy baby pictures of other babies.  They are so gross.  Even these ones of my own baby make me slightly sick.  (shudder.)  But I do tend to take them because sometimes the messiness, it's ASTOUNDING.  Feel free to click away if you feel the same.

 Okay, that one above is not too obnoxious because it's just white yogurt.  This one below is sick.  I gave him a bowl of green smoothie to keep him busy while I did the dishes yesterday.  After a while he figured out how to pop the suction cup bowl off and the rest is history.
Oh yeah, and here's a movie of what happened next.  (In case you cannot guess.)



  1. I love your messy baby, but you know me and dirty LOL!!!!

  2. I was having one of those days yesterday,too. I went to the doctor (nothing is wrong)BUT nothing turned out the way I had it planned. I DID go out for lunch with Kal and do some retail craft therapy, but I still feel a bit peeved about the whole situation. Oh's a new day AND it will get better!

  3. heehehheheeee....Melissa. :) You so funny.

    I hope today is going better, Kari! Retail craft therapy sounds devine.


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