a favorite dinner

I swear I could eat this 3 or 4 times a week.  I love these bags of brown rice...4 minutes to perfect rice!  I added some (canned) navy beans to the rice and sautéed a bunch of fresh veggies...zucchini, asparagus, mushrooms, and added some frozen pepper blend from Trader Joes. 

So good!!!  So easy!  I'm having it again tonight.  Too bad no one else in my family likes it.  :(

Has anyone tried black rice?  How about chia seeds?  I am wanting to try both of those.

I just put the second pan of chocolate chip cookies in the oven and boy does the house smell good.  mum mum mum.

Back to the grocery budget.  A while ago a friend asked a bunch of us how much we spent on groceries and the answers were very interesting.  I think I've talked about this before but I'm curious again...

how much does your family spend? 

Like I said, we spend about $250 every 2 weeks.  I think our budget is a little high but I buy a lot of specialty stuff that is safe for James and try to buy mostly organic (or at least vegetarian fed/no antibiotic) meat and eggs.

I'm super curious.  Will you share?  Also, any great tips on saving $$ would be appreciated...everything is so expensive now.



  1. were u part of the facebook chat we had about this?

    we also spend about $500. for conventional stuff. its outrageous.

    i am trying to learn how to be a super couponer.

  2. I'm black-rice-curious too. never tried it, though. I was looking for it at Woodmans and couldn't easily find it.

    We spend more on groceries - quite a bit more. I think we're closer to about $750. Yikes. We buy a lot of organic, not a lot of premade/processed foods. Oh, but that also includes all other Woodmans purchases, like t.p. and soap toothpaste and lotion. (I think I spent $15 on lotion alone the other day - damn, dry winter.)

    We also don't go out to eat very often. I also have 3 hungry, growing boys.

    (see me try to justify our big grocery tab?)

    I haven't had luck with coupons. I think I end up buying stuff I don't really want/need and spend more.

    I HAVE had luck with buying beef in bulk. Twice now we've bought a side of beef. It's a lot of money ($900) and a LOT of freezer space, but we have enough beef for over a year. And it's really yummy, grass fed beef. Like nothing you can get at the store.

    I'll be curious to hear others' budgets and I may need to rethink ours.

    Speaking of food, off to feed the boyz.

  3. No, I missed that on fb, Sarah. I should go look for it on your page.

    I rarely use coupons either. I can barely remember what I need to buy, much less that I have a coupon for it. :)

    I think your food bill sounds pretty good, Teresa. 3 growing boys must eat a lot. Especially if you're buying your household stuff with that and mostly organic, too...sounds like a lot but not too much. Probably my future. :)

    My mom and I were just talking about extra freezers and sides of beef. I would love to do that but we need to buy a freezer first. It would feel so good to be stocked up for the year. I go to this place in Paoli sometimes where you can buy a share of meat, like a CSA, from a local farm. I should look into that again.

    Sometimes I wish we didn't have to eat so much. All we do is eat, eat, eat.

    (and cook and clean. repeat.) :)

  4. I spend a looooot on food. Eating out and groceries. I have a GF diet but lately don't even buy processed GF foods bc of trying to lose weight (so no GF bread, crackers, flours etc right now). Today at Trader Joes I spent almost $150 and my husband is out of town! So that is me and two young girls! That isn't even all we need as TJs doesn't carry everything. So probably I spend close to $600 per month on groceries alone.
    I don't buy much organic anymore. I don't buy much ready to eat. Where does the money go?

    I bought chia seeds the other day and have trouble eating them. They end up stuck in my teeth! Lol I sprinkle them on yogurt and tuna salad so far. I don't think I eat enough to notice a difference though.

  5. Hi Honey, I usually spend about $500 a month on groceries for the 4 of us. It seems high, but when you do the math, it's only a little over $4.00 a day per person which seems really low. Oh well, no matter what , we have to buy the stuff and the cheapest food is just carbs and sugar so....
    Miss you, good to see pics of the kids. I loved the one of you yawning on the couch- like that is how you spend your days. Don't worry anyone who has stayed home with kids can totally relate.
    Love you,

  6. I don't know what we spend, and am actually afraid to look - a BIG indicator that I need to. We just all around need to look at the budget! It's on the list!

    I NEED to learn how to save on groceries, eat out less (requiring more planning ahead than we've been doing), plan scheduling better, without spending too much time I don't have just to locate deals & coupons...


    P.S. I'm totally making this meal, no one will eat it but me - bonus! Lunch for a week! =0)


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