FRI to the DAY

Firstly, here is Ruby in one of the Hawaiian dresses that Grandpa brought for her. She wouldn't try them on while he was here so I promised him pictures. He also brought us some Kona coffee and a bottle of coconut syrup. Mmmm, I love that stuff. Have you had it?
And then here is James, experimenting with the self portrait:

He discovers the self timer:
Take two:

He just showed me these last night.  I guess he took them yesterday morning.  (He is so cute.)  A while later he was making little movies and set the camera down on the counter top.  Nicholas came along and grabbed the camera strap that was dangling down. 

Guess what?  I need a new camera again.

sigh.  I can't even think about getting one for a couple of weeks.  This one still works but doesn't zoom at all and the lens doesn't close.  sigh. 

Other than that, I am v. good.  Had a really good week.  It was so nice to be out from under the oppressive thumb of menstruation.


My baby turned back into his normal sweet self, thank God.  He is taking good naps again and only getting up 47 times a night instead of 48.  mmmmm, baby love.  He is still sleeping right now and I am letting him.  His morning nap will be delayed due to thrifting and Trader Joes so this is perfect.  We need sunbutter!  Next week I will share my friend Heidi's recipe for sunbutter balls and let me tell you, they are good!

I am loving sparkpeople.  Some days I eat all of my recommended calories and am still wanting something munchy but am not hungry.  Other days (well, once...haha) I had 300 more calories I could have used but wasn't hungry.  What's up with that?  Exercising is pretty much the same every day so that's not really a factor.  Interesting.  Or not.  ha!

Have a good weekend, dear ones.  xoxo


  1. Those curtains are gorgeous! I feel like I've seen tht fabric somewhere. Maybe my mom has something with it?

    Sorry about your camera. You should invest in one of those super non-destructable ones next time. My kids are brutal on electronics, too.

  2. Wow, James looks like sooooo old! And so handsome. I love his hair. And his self-portraits. Adorable.

    LOVE the hawaiian dress! It looks perfect on Ruby!

    Sorry the stroller didn't work for you... And the camera.... That's a tough one... Those third-borns can be mighty destructive.

    I am itching to comment on your work-out post (thankyouerymuch) but no time yet. I'll get to it.


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