half way there

My battery was dying but I got this blurry shot of the boys on Saturday.
Nicholas has certain demands for meal time now. Plate and utensils PLEASE.
And the zoo:


p.s.  30 miles walked so far this month!  And my butt!  It's the same size!!!



  1. looks like fun was had by all. I wish we went to the zoo more often. 30 miles - I'm not that close. This morning I woke up and the insides of my calves hurt like you wouldn't believe. I think I over did it on Sunday.

  2. I love that Nicholas looks like an escaped sea lion. So cute!!! We were so close to going to the zoo too. Would have been so fun to run into you all.

  3. take it easy on those legs, Kari! Maybe Kal can massage them for you? Or Ian and Simon could each take one? :) heehee.

    Susan, it would have been fun! We were there right during Ben's naptime, though. It's hard with these kids on different schedules. We did see Vicki & Jasper. :)


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