holy mother of babbling

My toes are freezing.  I am so tempted to dunk them in my coffee.
oh, that would feel good.  
I will probably just go get some socks, though.

How are you this morning?  I have been busy making my new banner for March  (see above) (no really...click over and see above!)  (it's cute)  (if I may say so) as well as a little button you can put on your blog if you're going to walk with me.  (and if you want to, of course.)  You just copy the little code in the box underneath the picture (over there in the right sidebar), then go to your blog and under the DESIGN tab click on ADD A GADGET.  From there you select the HTML/JavaScript option and paste the copied code into the box.  You should have a button then that will send all of your millions of readers over to me so I can warp their minds with nonsense and proceed with my evil plan to take over the world!!!

Oh, wait.  Where was I?  Oh yeah.  walking.  :)  Kari said she is joining me!  Awesome, Kari!  And Sybil sounded like she might.  yay!  I wish we all lived closer so we could walk together for reals.  (well, Kari and I could with some planning and a warm day!)  I walked 2.5 miles yesterday and am planning on walking my 2 for today in a little while.

Something sad:  So, six weeks of exercising and only 1.5 pounds of weight loss.  It was 2.5 pounds but one pesky pound has been hanging around for the last week.  I hope it's just my cycle.

I have to stop here.  I never used to EVER mention when I got my period.  I mean, why would I??  But now, since having pickles, I am seeing so clearly how it affects me and my body and my moods.  I am noting important things (moods, bloating, EGG WHITE DISCHARGE (ha!) ) so I can have a better idea of what to expect (and try to manage) month to month.  
I promise I will stop mentioning anything specific as of now.

So yeah, that's sad but not really as I still eat a lot of sweets.  I am thinking of ways to cut back and I'll let you know if I try any.  I also measured myself yesterday for this new month of walking.  I last measured myself 18 days ago and there was NO CHANGE.  If I didn't see such clear benefits in terms of my moods and energy levels I would be totally discouraged.  

((I say that and I think, "But what about last week when you were so mopey and BORED???"  Well, I tell myself, imagine how much worse it could have been!))

Do you know where this marching through March came from?  I know I need to exercise longer and walking 2 miles takes me 30 minutes.  A lot of times in the last 6 weeks I would exercise 30 minutes or more but a lot of times I would only do a 15 or 20 minute workout, too.  I'm curious if I'll see a difference doing a solid 30 mins a day.  I'll let you know.
I re-read my archives from March of 2007 yesterday.  Good times.  I have slipped into a springy mindset kind of by accident.  I know it's delusional but I'm going to try and sustain it.  It is supposed to be 40 again on Friday.

Well, my toes are still cold so I must go.  I am going to walk with Leslie and sweat a little bit.

I wanted to say, "1 month, 60 miles, no excuses (or high heels) " but there just wasn't enough room.  :)



  1. Okay that banner is hilarious! I think I will give it a shot. Haven't walked much this past week from illness and whatnot, but I can be back to it tomorrow. Matt is going be gone for 11 looooong days this month and I usually get a few miles in on weekends . . . But you know, I am up for the challenge!

  2. I LOVE YOUR BANNER! momma


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