I have to make cookies today (and 1000 pictures)

I was trying to get a cute pic of the kids to send to a loved one yesterday. Ruby was still in character as "angry mail dog" and had a hard time coming out of it.

she did eventually...

poor pickles

I had no idea James took this picture. I laughed so hard when I saw it this morning. Hard evidence of the afternoon slump. :)


I am trying a new budget for us this two week period.  I withdrew cash and am trying to only use as much as I budgeted in certain categories.  My personal cash is already gone.  :)  I got my hair cut and brows waxed on Saturday and poof!  I am giving myself more though as that wasn't planned for.

See how easy budgeting is!  hahaha  I am kidding.  Since we are new to this (I mean we always have a rough budget) I am considering this first month as a period of seeing how we actually spend our money. 

I figured we normally spend about $250 on groceries for a 2 week period so that's what I had with me for grocery shopping.  I spent some at our local grocery store and some more at Whole Foods.  When I got to Woodmans I had $153 and some change left.  My bill came to $153.77!  :)  I had put back the packages of cookies, a pineapple and some flowers before I went to check out and I am glad I did.  (I had my debit card but didn't want to use it.) 

That was my long winded way of saying I have to make cookies today so James will have treats for his lunch.

In other news, Ruby was driving me so nuts this morning.  8:50 could not come soon enough!  She clomped all over my freshly swept and mopped floor in her muddy boots and it drove me CRAZY.  (I hate sweeping.)  She had been out looking for animal tracks in the freshly fallen snow.  She thought she saw an animal that had star paws until she realized those tracks were from her own boots.  :)

I guess I should go now.  I have stuff to do!  and breakfast to eat!  and crying babies to ignore!  (kidding.)



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