it's all I got

Nicholas is super helpful when it comes to emptying the dishwasher these days.

Actually, he is super helpful about emptying anything these days.

Let me know if you need him to come over for a while and help empty stuff, okay?



I want to thank you guys for the sweet comments lately.  I am happy you like my banner.  It was super fun to make...I love old photos.  :)

I had to do my walking last night and it was not easy to get going at 8:45, let me tell you.  Glad I did, though.  6.5 miles so far this month with another 2 on deck here in a few minutes.  I'm feeling it in my legs, that is for sure.

I am wondering if my cousin has had her baby yet.  I am missing my cousins today. 

I can't focus on this right now.  I hope you guys have a super freaking awesome weekend. 

OH YEAH.  I sewed one of the badges ON THE WRONG POCKET.  gah!  I am going to rip it off and then get some badge magic like Mim told me about.  Thank you for that!  :)


  1. You know we have a scout store in town, right? You might be able to get the badge magic there. I know I will be looking for it, next time I go:)

    Oh and you can send you kid over anytime to help me out.... I need all the help i can get (Ada just made herself a snack, helped take the sheets off the bed (please do not ask me how long it has been), cleaned her room, cleaned the bathroom floor (well she did mess the bathroom floor... ))

    I am going not take up all of your comment room, maybe we had better get together soon, I guess I have a lot to tell you:)


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