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This was the day I busted Ruby coloring all of her pricey doll house furniture.  It was also the day they were both practicing eye tricks.  (crossing, rolling, etc.)

Pickles has the baby version of my pink goodie.  It keeps him so cozy in the van.  Probably more than cozy, probably double hot.  Sorry, pickles.


Geez you guys.  I don't have much to say!  I am coming slowly out of survival mode over here as all of the kids were sick again over the weekend. 

It is March 1st!  WOO HOO!  This is the month of spring. 

Thanks be to God.

I found myself looking at new patio chair cushions online yesterday.  :)  yay!

My new goal (see ya, vitamins!)  (I am still trying to choke them down, though) is for this whole month of March.  I'm pledging to walk 60 miles this month.  It sounds like so many miles to me but is only about 2 a day.

Anyone want to join me?  If I was a better blogger I would make up a cute button that says, "Marching through March!" or something cheesy like that.  :)



  1. Thanks for the pictures honey....I'm missing you all. I think it's great that Ruby wanted to make her furniture more personal.....xoxo mama

  2. I'll join you in the 60 miles in march! If you make a cool button, you are going to have to tell me how to put it on my blog. BTW is that a sewing machine in your KITCHEN??? How do you rate?

  3. Hmmn, very tempting. I walk 3 to 5 miles each time so it would be a reasonable challenge!


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