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I love working out at home.  I think there are a lot of things I would enjoy about a gym but (most of the time) I am totally happy working out in my living room and neighborhood.  There are so many choices and the price?  It's right.

When I first got back into exercising I used Charter On Demand a lot because it was always available and FREE (or rather already paid for in our sky high cable bill).  If you have it, click On Demand on your remote then Sports Free then Mag Rack then Yoga & Fitness.  You'll find a nice collection of workouts varying from pilates to kickboxing to bollywood dance.  They change up what they offer so if you don't see anything you like this week, check again next week.

Another option for super cheap workouts is Netflix.  If you subscribe to online watching for $7.99/mo, or have the app on your TV, you can watch all the workouts your little (chubby) (ha!) heart desires.  Personally, I think most of them are a little dated but if you dig around you can find some good ones.  The Crunch ones are not too annoying.

Let's not forget hulu.com and exercise tv.  Both of these are totally free to watch online and have various full length and mini workouts.  Oh yeah, and there's always youtube!  Search your favorite exercise guru and chances are they have something available there.

(heehee...this pic was from when I gave a Leslie DVD away a long time ago.)

I also love to treat myself to new exercise DVDs.  I normally get them from amazon or Target.  I just ordered two (this one and this one) but have otherwise only bought one other new one since before I got pregnant with Nicholas.  My home selection is probably a little dated but here are some of the ones I really like: One on One Training with Jackie5 Mile Fat Burning Walk, and Yogilates.  Jackie Warner is fun to work out with.  I think she works you out pretty hard but is nice about it.  The 5 mile walk is with my girl Leslie and you know I love her.  I love the little inspiring things she says along the way...they really do inspire me.  (I really did make a good choice today!)  Yogilates is my favorite stretching and gently strength workout I've done.  It is so relaxing, I just love to do the corpse pose at the end.  mmmmmmmmmm.  A newer Jackie workout is on my wish list...maybe in April.  Oh, if you buy a Leslie DVD my money saving tip is this:  buy one with at least 3 miles, preferably 4 or 5.  You can always do only as many as you want and you'll get more for your money with the longer ones.

I totally forgot about the library!  I have gotten lots of DVDs through the hold system.  You sometimes have to wait a while but it's a great way to try one out before you buy it.  (can't wait to get the Zumba one!  only 137 more people in front of me!)  :)

One final way that I'll mention today is Amazon Video On Demand.  I didn't know about this until we got our TV and it had an app for it.  It's a pay-per-view service but you can also buy some of the stuff that's available and it will stay in your video library permanently.  You can use this on your TV or watch online.  I purchased a 4 mile Leslie walk for $9.99 and then paid $2.99 to rent another one for a week.  Pretty reasonable, I think.

I hope this helps a little if you're looking for ways to work out at home.  I would LOVE to hear about your favorite workout DVDs or other things that you use to work out at home.  Please share!  :)



  1. My newest work out from home is called "walk to school and get son" it is put out by EJ Ink and they are fun:) Just kidding, but I am loving walking to and from school and now that the weather is getting a little warmer I am planing on doing it more often (like every day if I can).

    I love a workout at home and if I can get my lazy a@# off the sofa I will start that also. I love the motavation that you have and it is making me want to do more. Maybe this summer we can even do some workouts togther (but it would have to be on the TV so I do not slow you down to much, I am like an old turtle (that is what Ada calls me;).

  2. I am SO in to working out at home. Since I am really in to this whole "get in shape" thing I am trying to convince myself to get a gym membership but honestly I don't think I would use it that often. I like to be alone, at home, doing my thing all red faced and sweaty in my less-than-sexy workout clothes.


    It never even occured to me to look at Netflix or Hulu for videos! When I bought the 30 Day Shred it came with a free Amazon VOD copy, which was cool. I actually sent the DVD to my mom and I watch the VOD on the tv when I use it.

    My other three videos I like are listed on this blog post: http://ourmauiwowie.blogspot.com/2011/03/renewed-strength.html

    The biggest loser one is kind of "meh". I hate Bob with a deep burning passion. He is really awful. BUT I have been doing some exercise every day and when I finished with that video my glutes hurt for TWO days! So, I know it's doing something for me and working parts I haven't been hitting. Watching real, live people do the exercises is pretty nice since not one of can keep up with Bob or Jillian (and neither can I!)

    My favorite is the Jackie Warner Xtreme Time Saver Training video. It's a good workout and just the right mix of length and difficulty. The 30 Day Shred is too intense and the Jackie Workout video is too long. But I do like the abs section of that video quite a bit.

    I am definitely going to look in to more videos, though. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. PS, I really want you to buy this one and do a review of it :)



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