Monday, March 07, 2011

my little cake boss

James came up with a concept for his cake (a round, 2 layer affair) and we decorated it on Saturday morning.  I thought it was cute but had liked his previous idea better.  Guess what?  He won!  :)  He won in the "most creative kid made" category.  My friend is a co-leader and she told me James was so proud.  :)  (Patrick was there but couldn't tell me anything except that he won and was happy.  men.)  ;)

You want to know the bad news?  I forgot to get a picture.  I KNOW!  What is wrong with me?

Luckily, he managed to recreate it for me:

It's a scene from the pinewood derby.  (He spelled derby right on his cake.)  This shows the ramp that the cars race down.  He is a minimalist, no?  ;)  He wanted to do the gym bleachers in the background but we didn't have any brown icing.

For the potluck I sent these baked hot dogs.  I really can't tell you how good these things are and I don't even really like hot dogs!  SOOOOOOOOO good.  


I got a message from Sybil last night that she had walked 10.5 miles over the weekend!  A while later I saw on Kari's blog that she had walked on Thursday, Friday and Saturday even though she was at the Kalahari with her family!

I was sitting at my computer not having walked since Friday.  I was thinking I was too tired (9pm) and that I'd just have to make up those 4 miles over this week.  Thanks to those 2 I got up and did my miles...all 4 of them!  woot!  I just finished my 2 for today, good to start the week off on track.  Thanks you two!

This feels totally wrong as it's only 11am but I totally want one of those hot dogs.

Have a good Monday, dears.


oh yeah, here's mr. pickles navigating the rough waters of the kitchen:

 And Miss Ruby setting the table:

(and yes, Nicholas almost always is wearing jammies.)  :)


  1. I don't think it is bad that you want a hotdog at 11:00. That's my normal lunch time...heck there are days that I have all of my luch ate by 9:30.

  2. Don't you love how that works? I was inspired by you setting up the challenge, so I pushed myself and walked. Then you were inspired by the people who took the challenge and pushed yourself and walked!

    Winning! We all have Adonis DNA!

    Tee hee.



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