my widdle popper bopper

Yes, I use disgusting baby talk with him a lot.  I love it.  I had to put the bulletin board in front of the screen door or he would have pushed it right out.  I had forgotten that about babies.  :)
Not eating any sweets sucks.  I thought I craved them the most at night but I know differently now.  I wanted something after lunch...bad.  And then after James got home and everyone was whining and I had a lot to do...I wanted a little treat so badly.  I obviously use it as an escape (which I kind of knew) but the urge was so strong.  I got really crabby for a while until I realized I could eat something else...I think my blood sugar was low, too.  After dinner I had strawberry "ice cream" and that was delicious.  Just freeze some strawberries and a banana, put them into your food processor, add a splash of milk and process until smooth and creamy.  Add milk as needed, sparingly.  Give it a few minutes and it will cream up, promise.  (you can use all bananas, too.)  I haven't had anything sweet yet today but know I will later on.  yay!  :)

I walked 3 miles with Leslie yesterday and was happy to see that I burned an estimated 378 calories in 43 minutes.  Walking that same amount of time outside would only burn me 275, but is arguably more enjoyable, so it's good to mix it up.  (I can't wait to do other exercises again but am back to feeling happy about marching through march!)  I signed up at and really like it.  I put in my weight and height and goal weight and how often I exercise and it calculated how much I should eat to get there at my chosen rate of 1 lb. a week of weight loss.  Wish me luck!  It is SO true that writing down what you eat is super helpful.  I just immediately saw why choosing the healthier choices are so important.  Sounds obvious and dumb but seeing it that way helps me so much.  (that's why I liked WW a lot.) 

Anyways, I have to go exercise and get ready as we are getting out after baby wakes up for a little thrifting.  Have a good weekend!  xoxo


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