one month

(first time coloring)

Well, today is the day!  I did it!  I walked 60 miles this month.  (I had one free day...took it last Sunday.)  It feels good and I am so thankful for my friends that walked with me and for the encouragement from you guys.  Thank you.

I know people like details so here they are:  I lost an inch from my chest, waist, hips and thighs and a 1/2 inch from my arms.  I lost 5 pounds this month, 3.5 of them after I started counting calories 2 weeks ago.  I was on track to lose a little weight just through the increased daily cardio, which was the question that prompted this whole thing in the first place, but I feel so good about adding in the healthier eating as I needed that change so badly.  (since I started exercising on Jan. 16th I've lost 6.5 lbs. total)

I learned a few things this month, or had things I already know reinforced:  I feel better, emotionally and physically, when I am exercising.  30 minutes most days is not too much.  I feel like eating (fairly) healthily is possible and satisfying for me.  I will not weigh myself when I have my period.  People will help you if you ask.  I might be working out below my target heart rate sometimes.  I have hobbit feet.  (that was for you, seester)  I can set goals for myself and reach them. 

Overall, a very good month.   :)  I am so excited to cue up something different tomorrow though!  I am also cooking up a new goal for April that I hope to share with you soon. 

Oh yes.  My list of healthy snacks?  I know some of that stuff isn't exactly healthy (diet coke and blow pops) but my list veered off into "snacks that feel like a little treat and aren't too many calories for me to enjoy."  I am going to try some rice cakes and also this lemon hummus my sister won't shut up about.  :)  heehee.  And frozen dates!  Who knew?!

In other news, I made the chocolate chip version of those muffins for my friends this morning.  Guess what?  I over baked them.  sigh.  I wasn't sure I should offer them dry muffins but you know what?  I did and we ate them anyways and no one choked to death.  We walked for nearly an hour and I was so glad they came in for a while afterwards.  They also enjoyed my awesome balls.  :)

Right now I have to go put some clothes on my baby.  He got so piggy dirty at dinner that I had to strip him down.

Have a good night you guys!  xoxo


  1. Nice job! That is some really great progress.

    If you haven't noticed, I totally dropped off the face of the earth with the walking challenge. I was right, it was too hard of a month to commit to it. Too bad I don't have a treadmill!

  2. CONGRATS!!! I knew you could do it.

    Oh and you know that you can wax those feet of your.... just saying:)

  3. HAHAHAHA, Zoe thinks your feet are hairy! MY SEESTERS FEET ARE NOT HAIRY!! I am about to fall off of my chair. They are just rather flat in places. Runs in the family. My eyes are crying.

  4. Oh I know that her feet are not hairy, but it just made me laugh so I had to share it. Glad someone else thought it was funny too:)

  5. I absolutely, totally knew you would do it sweetheart! I am proud of you. And I love you, too. mama

  6. So proud of you Steph, you are an inspiration!
    XOXO Auntie Kristy


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