I accidentally bought a lot of stuff at Target.com last night.  Does that ever happen to you?  I went up to bed and told Patrick one thing I got.  He asked if that was all.  Well, I said, I got a new bedskirt, too.  We need it and it was out at the store.  Anything else, he asked.  No, I said.  Well, maybe just a workout DVD.  He smiled and said Bunny, anything else?  I busted out laughing and said I actually got TWO workout DVDs and one CD but that WAS IT.  Promise.

There goes my spending $ for the next week but it sure was fun.

Got to go now, I'm busy crossing things off a major list this morning.  I hope to come back later and tell you about some of my favorite workout DVDs and find out about yours.



  1. Target is totally my anti-drug. Love you!

    xoxo cousin Rachel

  2. Ever since the Target poo post, well, I can no longer walk in to one without thinking of you!

    I can't wait to talk workout DvDs. They are my new obsession!

  3. Love you Rachel! :)

    heehee, Sybil. :) Loved writing that post.


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