S: here, honey,

let me clear a spot at the kitchen table for you.  You know, for your lunch, that's 2 hours late.


How is your Monday going?

My house is a big fat mess.  My baby is a big fat mess...barely sleeping and pretty miserable.  I haven't exercised yet.  I went to the thrift store this morning.  (setting me behind for my day but kinda worth it)  I just called Patrick to tell him all of the above and "warn" him what the house might look like tonight.  That there might be corn dogs for dinner.  This usually inspires me to clean everything up and surprise him.  We'll see if it works.

All of that being said, I'm not crabby.  Just behind and a bit lazy.  It's hard when I get off of my routine but sometimes I just need to slack a little.  (like last night.  I didn't do the dishes/clean up after dinner so that threw everything off for this morning.)

My no sweets days seem to be much easier now that I made sunbutter balls.  They have honey in them so they are sweet enough to give me a little fix but also full of healthy stuff.  My scale finally showed a loss on Saturday.  I decided I'm never going to weigh myself during my period (like last week) again.  Not worth it.   I'm going to try and not weigh myself again until the 31st.  I'd like to lose another 1.5 lbs by then, bringing my total for March to 5lbs lost and 60 miles walked!  That would be cool.  (If I wasn't tracking food I doubt that I'd lose that much more but with tracking food (and counting calories) it seems possible.)

My bedroom is covered with spring clothes that I washed this weekend.  So fun.  I have about 4 shirts that I want to try and alter...maybe next weekend.  It looks chilly here again for the next couple of weeks but not FREEZING.  It makes me happy seeing some new colors in my closet even if I can't wear them.

I hope you are all far more organized and on top of your games than I am.  I hope your babies are not teething and are sleeping soundly, all night long.  I hope it's warm and sunny where you are and that you have a big glass of iced diet Coke waiting for you.  (or whatever your poison is.)



  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I'm nodding with empathy at your all-too-accurate post...
    Actually I discovered your blog when you mentioned SunButter a while ago, since I blog for SunButter. But I'm so enjoying your perspective. Hope today is smoother. Take care and looking forward to following.

  2. not even close to as orgainized as you, my baby is teething and up ALL night (2 hrs of sleep for mommy the last two nights), the sun is not shining it's flippin snowing again and my diet coke is warm. I am in your boat too honey!

    On kind of the same note, last night Pete told me to go to my happy place and try to fall asleep, after crying and telling him I don't have a happy place right now, I started laughing about all the fun you and I had for years so many years ago :)

  3. Thank you, Elizabeth. I'm glad you said hi. We love our sunbutter over here! :)

    Melissa - oh, it's hard, isn't it? I have cried, too. :( I don't remember it being this hard with the other two...teething, I mean.) We should have a celebration get-away when they are done teething! Want to? A weekend in Mpls or something? We did have our fair share of fun. Love those memories with you. xoxoxooxox

  4. Maybe it wasn't this hard with the other two for teething, but I do remember a certain someone wanting to throw another certain someone out a certain window LOL!!! So we will laugh about these tough days someday too, hopefully sooner rather than later, right? xoxo


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