a small slice

snotty, food covered poppers*:
james before conferences:
screaming because he wants the camera:
blurry but look at those teeth!:
she found some treasure:  (of course she did)
feeling happy to be outside but wow, harsh sunlight is not flattering for my eyes:
playing with Styrofoam nugget "boats":
sorry about the snot:  (hard to get him without it these days)

*We call Nicholas "poppers" a lot of the time now, or popper bopper.  This mutated from pickle poppers.

I made some vegetable beef soup for dinner and am considering adding some whole wheat macaroni just to make sure that no one eats it.


So today was beautiful and sunny and we got out for a nice, long walk.  It was a bit windy but hats kept us warm.  I know it's going to be colder again so I tried to soak up all the fresh air that I could.  (Right before we came in I stripped down nekkid and did 3 laps around the yard.)


I got our taxes done and filed!

I really am looking forward to getting new cushions for the patio furniture this year.  Also, the swing that we inherited last year was kind of on its' last legs.  If it can't be salvaged I am getting a new one of those, too, because we loved it.

I can't wait to use my clothes line again!

We have so much yard work to catch up on from last year.  ugh.

I already have garden envy as I don't think I can handle having one this year.  What am I going to do when all I see on blogs everywhere are luscious GARDENS?  I think I'd better find us a CSA.

Patrick and Nicholas are developing some neat bonds lately.  I love this for the obvious reasons (very sweet) and for some selfish ones (so nice!).  He got him back to sleep twice last night!  (poor buddy was so snotty he could hardly breathe.)  Nicholas lunges towards him when he gets home from work and cries when he goes to the bathroom!  (hahahhahahhaaaa! now he sees how I feel!)  It's very heartwarming.  I asked Patrick if he was mad that we had 2 boys because when we split up for certain activities, he will have 2 kids while I will only have 1.  He said no because Ruby is really like 4 kids.  :)

Ruby is good.  She went to a trashy birthday party (for a very sweet girl who is not trashy, just her party location was trashy) at our local bowling alley on Sunday and now that's where she wants hers.  sigh. 

James is feeling better and is busily at work right now on a new math workbook I found for him.  He admitted to me at conferences that he really wanted a math book of his own to work on at home.  I love dreams that are so easily fulfilled.

oh yeah:

J:  Uh, Mom?  Can you come and help me figure out this word?
S:  How is it spelled?  (aka do I really need to get up?)  (I was in bed)
J:  Uh...W  O  R  D.
S:  (looks at Patrick and then back at James)  Really???
J:  (looks confused)  Yeah.
P:  (gets up to go see and comes back laughing)  It was the word word.


That's all I got right now.



  1. That conversation about the word "word" made me giggle. Thanks for that.

    Also, Enzo is piling up stuff to give baby Nicholas next time we see you. It's a very fluid list, though - he wants to share his stuff but he's having a hard time parting with some of it. Anyway, I hope to see you sometime and maybe i'll have a bag of goodies for not-so-baby Nicholas. (he's getting SO big! Those teeth!!!)


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