so much for a moment

Ruby is sitting at the kitchen table coloring after she finishes her lunch.  Baby is sleeping.  I make my lunch and sit down next to her.  She sniffs the air and grimaces.  A minute later she gets up and says,

R:  I'm going upstairs for a while, Mom.
S:  Why?  I came to sit by you.
R:  Um, because your lunch stinks.  I'm sorry.  I'll sit by you again when you are done.

:)  I tried.



  1. I guess that's what happens when you eat balls for lunch. HAHAHAHA!!!
    My verification word is 'sucks' ah hahahaha the ball humor never ends!!

  2. HAHAHAHHAHAHA, susan. This cracked me up! :) Lunch was quinoa with black beans and marinara sauce. side of steamed green beans. It was good and not stinky at all. After that I tried eating everything else in the house. :/


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