there's a reason why it's called a secret

Ruby and I both ended up in the bathroom at the same time yesterday.  She invited me to stay while she did her business.  I sat down on the edge of the tub to wait for her.  (she was only peeing)

R:  Do you want to know a secret somethin' I do?
S:  Sure. (thinking, "No, I'm pretty sure that I don't.")
R:  Sometimes after I wipe and there is one dry corner of toilet paper sticking up, I pick it up and splash it around.
S:  (oh dear Lord)  Ruby, that is sick.
R:  No, it is not sick.  It is fun!
S:  Don't do that!!!

Sick, right?

(This picture is unrelated but taken yesterday, too.  She crawled into my bed for a little reading and fell right to sleep.  xoxo)


Today is a big day!  I am walking my last 2 miles later this morning with friends.  I'll be back this afternoon!  xoxo


  1. yeah!!!! way to go stephanie kg!!!

  2. er.....cousintine, don't you have anything ELSE you want to talk about???? Auntie Sue

  3. IS SARAH PREGNANT????? I just told Patrick I bet she was getting preggers this month!!! ARe you SARAH??????? xoxooxoxoxoxox

  4. SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU???????????????????annie xoxoxox

  5. I want to kiss Ruby's sweet little cheek!!
    A. Kristy


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