this week I...

  • got up at 5:30 on Monday morning to kiss my husband goodbye.  
  • had twitchy eye all day until I heard he had landed safely in California
  • took the kids out for 4 one mile walks
  • had James ask to go for another one last night.  (James used to put up such a stink about after school walks.  He seems to like the fact that we are walking ONE WHOLE MILE.  :)  )
  • made super easy, but fairly healthy, meals all week
  • said YES to chocolate more often
  • yelled a little more than I like  
  • prayed a lot
  • realized I cannot have yelling match with Ruby.  she is 4.  bad habit to start
  • was lonely at night, missed Patrick
  • watched LOTS of TV...more than I have in a looooooong time
  • enjoyed it but done now  (just got some good books in from the library yesterday!)
  • drove James to school every morning
  • totally messed up Nicholas' sleep schedule
  • met a friend for coffee
  • made one emergency trip to Target
  • bought Ruby swimsuit at Target and tshirt that says "BE CAREFUL I BITE"
  • made Ruby promise not to bite
  • cleaned up after the MUDDIEST play date ever
  • walked 8 miles  (will hopefully do 2 more this morning)
  • thanked God for my healthy body that can move freely
  • swept kitchen 33 times
  • washed entry way rugs  (soooooo dirty!  blech.)
  • watched super hilarious Elmo segment

  • took one emergency trip to Target
  • came up with a good idea for our patio
  • kept up with the laundry
  • drank a lot of tea  (I get so chilled in the afternoon during that slump time)
  • taught myself how to use the snowblower and did our sidewalk and whole driveway because it was so much fun  (we got 4" of wet and HEAVY snow.  I had a friend coming and didn't want her to have to slog through it all.)
  • realized why it takes Patrick so long to snow blow  (that thing does not move fast)
  • was lonely, missed Patrick
  • made Ruby go to her room just so I could read my new US Weekly
  • listened to James read every afternoon
  • played the WII  (nope, still not a gamer)
  • had at least one kid in my bed every night  
  • didn't mind

It wasn't a perfect week but what week ever is?  Sometimes I think I am a better parent when I know I won't have anyone to take over later on.  I can't let stuff slide and don't want to go down a bad road when I know that there is no relief in sight. 

I wish I could have that mindset all of the time.  I want to work on that.  It's not that we are always a hot mess when Patrick gets home, we're not really, but my spirits seem to dip until the kids are in bed.  That's not really how I want to meet my husband after a long day apart.  Does anyone else experience this?

One part of me thinks that's part of parenting with a partner...being able to slump over sometimes.  The other part of me thinks I act like a baby sometimes.  :)

Anyways, we had a really good week.  I totally thank God for that.  Patrick will be home really late tonight.  We can't wait. 

Later today the Grandpa is coming!  We are all looking forward to that, too.

James just got up and I promised him a game of candy land at 6:40.  It's 6:36...I still might have time to start a pot of coffee...



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