those crazy cubs

James has Tiger Cubs tonight and it is looking like it means a whole day of pesky little tasks for me.  I have to:

sew 2 new patches on his shirt
organize hunt for his neckerchief ring
make him some cookies so he has a safe & yummy snack
print out some family photos
have him cut food pics out of magazines
send a check for a cave trip
go through book and mark some things off so it looks like we've done something

Okay, it's my fault I saved all of this for the last minute, but still!  :)  They also have some banquet on Sunday that I need to make a dish for (to share) and help him bake a cake so he can decorate it.  whew. 

He is totally into the cooking thing, though, so he can make that cake himself.  This morning he made a box of shells & cheese (dairy free) for his lunch nearly by himself.  (I drained the pasta)  He also emptied the dishwasher. (as a consequence for telling me he was going to hurt me last night when I said it was time to do his reading.)  (nice.)  It was quite a productive morning around here. 

It's almost time to go get Ruby and I haven't walked yet.  Nicholas slept in this morning (had to wake him up at 8:30) so he hasn't had his morning nap yet.  He is ready now but it is not to be.

Hey - it's Thursday!  :)  xoxo


  1. For those times when you don't have time....try Badge Magic. I have sewn almost all the badges on my boys scout uniforms but there have been a few times I cheated.

    Here's the link:

  2. You are too funny seester, I love your banner, and your enthusiasm for marching in march! I wish i could say I would join you , but I better wait to see what you have in store for April...or May... I see the spring in the air has made you a bit loopy, But you should take a picture of yourself warming your toes in coffee, make it black and white, and your grandchildren will tell stories of their crazy grandmother warming her toes in her coffee. Sounds like a good childrens book.:)

  3. hi sweetheart......i love the banner too.
    fun to be the mothership, hmmmm?:)
    i miss you guys. so now it is friday.....unfortunately I have lots of paperwork to bring home with me on the week-end. But...I am going to have my taxes done tomorrow morning. I have to run....Tell James that Grandma is so proud of him. Kiss them all, ok? And you, too, of course....and Patrick too, of course :). xoxo mama


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