you guys

It is such a good feeling, the best feeling, to be having a hard time with something and put it out there and get so much support in return.  Thank you so much.

My sister-in-law texted and said she was going to beat up the treadmill lady (or something like that...maybe kick her ass?), my sister called with an idea for us to give up sweets every other day (we totally are...she's brilliant...and then Sybil commented a while later with basically the same idea...she's brilliant, too!), Heidi emailed and told me about and Sybil told me about sites offer great tools and were exactly what I needed right now, and there was lots of commiseration and cheerleading and a phone call from my mom this morning.  You guys are awesome.  You know that?

About the rotten treadmill lady.  She really isn't rotten.  She just owned a gym for 4 years and felt pretty comfortable giving out advice, as she probably should.  She didn't know it would crush my fragile spirit that particular day.  Let's come together as a community and forgive her, okay?  :)

I am feeling better today and excited to start tracking what I eat.  I might even share it here. 

The fun, it never stops. 

Except for I guess it does, because today?  A no sweets day.  sigh.


Nicholas was 11 months old yesterday.  sob.  He is so chewy and sweet-smelling and well, kind of ornery right now.  He is teething again.  He also wants what he wants and is prepared to fight until he gets it.  He is also taking steps.  James witnessed this last night and couldn't believe it.  "He is NOT EVEN one yet!" he said in disbelief. 

James is good, reading his heart out.  They want the kids to read 100 minutes a week and James read 152 this first week.  He really wants that book in the library with his name on it.  (that is their reward)  I made him some Irish Potato Candy for his St. Patty's treat at school today and those little nuggets sure are tasty.  (too bad I can't have another one until tomorrow) 

Ruby is also doing well.  We had parents night on Tuesday and it was good to hear all her teacher had to say.  They do a pretty thorough evaluation of the kids, I was impressed.  Miss Cheri said they look forward to her stories every day and that she is really nice to the other kids.  (I'm so glad she only thinks about hitting them instead of actually doing it.)

I got to work out in the yard yesterday and it felt so good!  I got one bed weeded (we left all the dead stuff last fall) and some done on the side of the house.  I had a huge pile of weeds (some of them were more like small bushes) beside me and the garbage man slowed down when he passed and said if I got it all in the front that he'd take it for me when he came back around.  Wasn't that nice of him?  I fell in love with him a little bit in that moment.  (It doesn't take much.  I'm easy like that.)  I was also happy to see 2 big spiders and a bunch of tiny ones.  Spring is on the way!

Here we are...another post with no pictures.  I'm sorry.  I will have some more soon, maybe tomorrow.  I am going to go walk now.  I can't wait!  :)



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