ay yi yi*

I don't mind the crappy weather so much this week.  It's giving us a chance to just be here and be together and it's been pretty nice. 

(I say that knowing that it will probably be nice out on Thursday so we can be outside and that we are going to Chuck E. Cheese on Friday with friends.  :) )

But really, it's kind of cozy in the house today.  We all slept in until 8 and I haven't even had my coffee yet.  (that is next on the list)  Ruby seems better today but was up coughing a lot last night.

I am thinking a walking workout is on deck for me today. I've been working my arms pretty hard the last 3 days and when I pick up my weights they feel soooo heavy.  I think they need a day of rest.

Nicholas is here now, circling me like a baby shark.


*says my seester


  1. AY YI YI! You are going to workout on your deck?? ;0


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