That was the sound of me totally hitting a wall yesterday afternoon.  Shortly after I posted, exhaustion hit.  The baby wouldn't nap and I couldn't believe how tired I was.  In a weak moment, I reached for the oreos.  The first one didn't taste very good but a few minutes later, I took another.  And another, and another.  And another.  Yes, I ate 5 oreos before dinner.  Then I ate 2 servings of the delicious chuck roast I had braised in beer all afternoon.  Then I regretted that I had put our last 2 beers in the OVEN when I really could have used one.  Then Patrick came home and I went to bed.  Luckily the baby slept well, only waking once at 3:30 to nurse, because I needed that sleep.

Welcome to the land of PMS!  :)

I am feeling so much better right now (am slightly worried about later) and am not even beating myself up about yesterday.  It was my first big blowout in 3 weeks and trust me, it could have been a lot worse.  (I was sorely tempted to call Patrick and have him bring home a dozen Krispy Kremes.)  I vowed to be gentle with myself this week and I'm going to be.  That doesn't mean I'll be eating any more oreos (yuck) but surely something else, something more satisfying, is on the menu for later.  (I'm thinking a small bag of m&ms.)  I'm eating lots of protein and drinking lots of water so hopefully I'll stay on top of my cravings today.  We'll see.  :)

My baby pickles is still taking lots of steps.  Something else he does that I love, even though it scares me, is this:  If he is upset and I am trying to pat him or something to comfort him he will just PUSH my hand away.  Like, "don't touch me!!!"  I admire his pissiness but do fear for how it might manifest later in life.  (like toddler-hood.)

Ruby was just telling me that our neighbor requested that Ruby call her this morning, I could help with the dialing, to see if it was time to come over and play.  I asked Ruby if she was lying.  She said that no, even though her face might look funny, she definitely was not lying.  I asked her if I should call Rachel and double check this story.  She said for me to go ahead.  If Rachel said she didn't say that then that just meant that Rachel had forgotten.

Nice.  My 4 year old (nearly 5) is learning to lie and to explain away the outward signs of lying.

James is feeling pretty fine, starting to enjoy his new-found fame.  Everyone wants to see his mouth and hear what happened, he said.  He read all of your comments yesterday and made a really sweet (sappy) smile afterwards.  Thank you for your kind words.  :) 

I have to go now and start encouraging Nicholas to go down for his nap.  A little Benadryl usually does the trick. 



p.s.  it's only because I love you that I told you how many oreos I ate.  xoxo

p.p.s.  unrelated ruby & pickles picture:


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