beware the gint snake

Today we slept in until 8:20!  I am nervous about how hard next week will be after this snoozefest we are having.  :)

Well, today I weighed myself (I do every Wednesday) and saw that I only lost a pound this week...was the same as I was last Friday.  My first instinct was boo but I talked myself into yay!  Remember that cake?  Remember real life?  Yeah, that happens sometimes.  And I still LOST a pound, not gained one, so that is a victory!  My total lbs. lost is 13.  I'm hoping to be at 16 by May 4th and then 23 down by June 1st.  Could that really happen?  Could I lose 23 pounds???  We shall see.  Who knows what stands between myself and June 1st.  :) 

James brainstormed the list above in anticipation of playing Scribblenauts some day.  He doesn't have a DS but one of Patrick's friends does, which is how he heard about the game.  I guess you type in things from your own imagination in order to get past (or defeat) the bad guy in the game.  So if you type in gint snake a GINT (giant) snake will appear and then the bad guy will grab a cage maybe to contain your snake and then you have to quickly think what could get your snake out of the cage and type that in.  It sounds like a really cool game and I loved his list.  I think my favorites are "Do not atak me" sine (sign) and the gint toylit.  ;)

My Nicholas seems to be ready for his nap already.  Also - we are getting out of the house today!  Yay!



  1. he's so flippin

  2. So cute!! What are gint boos? My guess is giant boobs and that makes me totally laugh out loud. Love that boy :)

  3. Don't feel too bad, Susan...I read it as "gin + booze"

    Great list, James!



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