bring it on

Here we are at Friday already!  whew.  made it. ;)  We had a really good week even though my kids thought it was a little boring.  Kinda fun, kinda boring, they said.  I concur.  :)  (but I base "a really good week" more on that we didn't kill each other or even fight that much.)  We never made it to the zoo as pickles took a FOUR hour nap yesterday.  He must have been catching up from the day before.  It was all good though, because the kids played outside with friends all afternoon.

The crappy weather is back today and we are going to the grocery store.  Finally.  We had nachos for dinner last night.  with crystal light.  Can you say OUT OF FOOD?

I wish you all a very Happy Easter!  I wish I had something spiritually uplifting to say about Easter but I haven't even given myself time to process it yet.

My cousin posted about a site going live soon that will help you be accountable for how much time you spend reading the Bible.  Sign me up!

I did a hard workout yesterday (the shred, level 2) and my shoulders are aching today.  YES!  I have been missing the day-after-ache lately and know that not having it is not good news for me.  It means I need to work out harder.  My goal is to hurt like a (insert favorite curse word here - I would choose mofo) after every workout.  ;)



  1. Nice work for making it through the week alive! Our break is wrapping up, too. The girls fought progressively more as the week went on.

    I hear ya about the soreness. I love hobbling around the next day from a tough workout but nothing hits me like the first time I did the shred! Lol


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