day 4

J:  Mama, Ruby pushed me!
S:  I don't care.
J:  WHAT??

heehee.  4th day of spring break and all is good in the hood.  We had a fun trip to the mall yesterday (I've only ever said that once or twice before), made a quick trip through Whole Foods, and then joined Patrick for a late dinner at Roman Candle in Fitchburg.  The service and the baby were awful, the food, delicious.  I told Patrick earlier that it was too late for Nicholas and I would only go if he'd be responsible for him.  He agreed and ended up leaving after about a half an hour.  :)  He had his pizza with him so it was no big deal.

Today the sun is shining and I just got a happy quote from a contractor.  Baby needs his nap and I need to work off that pizza I ate last night.  (but I did have a large spinach salad first so only 2 pieces of cheese pizza satisfied me.)  (Well, maybe not completely satisfied me.  My belly was full but my mouth could have had a lot more.  :)  )

We might go to the zoo later or just go for a walk somewhere.  The kids had cold pizza for breakfast and might be having it again for lunch.  ha!  I really need groceries!  (The whole foods trip was just for hamburger and chicken.)


OH YEAH.  I would have slept in until 8:30 this morning, I'm quite certain, if I hadn't received a phone call at 8:16.  (ahem.)



  1. who called you at 8:30 a.m.? Was it seester? Do you forgive her???
    Did you tell the kids that Gramma is on the way????? Love you


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