down to one

A friend took Ruby home for the afternoon after preschool yesterday so Nicholas and I were as free as a pair of birds.  We headed out early and got back just in time to save James from the bus line.  (he was so happy!)  We did some thrifting, met Patrick for lunch, did a little more thrifting and went for a walk.  Such a fun day with no one talking to me every minute.  Love a little break like that.  :) 

I got a ton of stuff at the dig - 1/2 price clothes day - including a faded red wrap around Old Navy skirt that I love.  Oh, and an ADORABLE vintage chair that I'll show you soon. 

I am sorry about the terrifying blue tint to most of these pictures.  I had the camera on some strange setting.

Oh - speaking of the camera - I forced the lens shut last weekend at Devil's Lake and something seemed to click back to where it was supposed to go!  Who knows how long it will last but I am super thankful.  To go from a crooked, stuck open zoom lens to working fine?  A. mazing. 

((sweet note to self:  James asked me how much allowance he had coming last week.  I asked what he was saving up for now and he said a new camera for me.  ohhhhhhhh.  Did you hear my heart melt?  I told him he didn't have to do that - it was an accident - and he said he knew that but wanted to.  He knows how important my camera is to me.  xoxo))

Speaking of James, he will be home any minute.  Dinner is finished (beer braised beef) so I have a nice & easy afternoon ahead of me.  Sounds good because I am tired.  Too much tv last night.  Extreme Couponers on TLC!!!!!  Watch out.  I may have a new hobby.  ;)



  1. Yeah, I missed the show but have watched all the snippets of it that I can find online. I hope they replay it. And I hope they show how it's really done, not just the results. If you pick up any great tips, pass them on! Please!

    Sounds like a fun day!

  2. that show kind of made me want to barf...the mustard? the stuff under the kids beds? oy.

  3. It's sooooo lovely being down to one, isn't it?

    But then again, it's pretty great when the whole crew is back together again.

  4. OMG that child is adorable!!!! xoxo


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