I am wondering

what I put in the dryer that is banging around so much?  Surely not a child!  I hope not.


My house is totally quiet and will remain so for maybe 5 more minutes.  Ruby is sleeping off a rough one and pickles is sleeping off a cute one.

Poor Ruby.  She came down with a whirlwind stomach virus at around 2:48am.  :(  I hope she feels better as the day goes on. 

Mr. Pickles is just the cutest thing.  I should save any sap for this Saturday, his first birthday, but I don't want to ever forget how perfectly mucky he's been these last few nights at bedtime.  Especially last night as we added sweaty to the mucky!  OH!  Kill me now.  Too much cute.

I put him down early last night as he only had one nap and was doing his tired cry.  When I asked if he wanted milk and night-night he all but howled and crawled right up the stairs.  So I nursed him and rocked him and sang and played peek-a-boo and kissed him right on his soft open lips about 100 times.  Then I laid him down and left the room.  He played a bit and started whining.  I went in, hugged him, he laid down, I patted him and left.  Repeat.  Repeat.  The fourth time he laid down and rolled over, sticking his butt right up in the air.  I leaned down and asked him if he had poopies.  He barked.  (he barks a lot.  we love it.)  So I changed him, we went down to let James in who was returning ahead of Patrick & Ruby from a bike ride, and then I laid him back down.  And he slept.  Little buddy.

Of course he woke up to nurse right after Ruby finally fell asleep - maybe around 4am?  I am feeling okay now but I'm sure the tired will hit later.  Maybe not as much if the sun keeps shining?

What a beautiful and busy weekend!  We packed a lot in - errands, McKee Farms, Noodles, yard work, church, Frautschi Point woods, a picnic lunch, more errands a walk, a bike ride.  Non-stop.  It was a really good weekend but Patrick and I almost came to blows over the yard work.  I said we should sell our house and buy a condo if he didn't want to help keep the yard up.  He said okay but wondered where the kids would live.  :)  haha.  Being back by Eagle Heights on campus reminded us of our kid-less days. 

He finally helped outside and then ended up pulling everything out of the garage and sweeping and hosing it down.  For some reason he loves to do that job.  He is special.  I pulled a butt muscle but not my butt crack muscle, like James was worried about.

Wow.  I've had more quiet than I figured I would.  I hear Ruby getting dressed now so I better go.  Have a lovely Monday. 

Is that even possible?  ;)



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