I know it wasn't the best idea

to eat my weight in baby goldfish crackers this afternoon but there really seemed no other option. 

I suppose there was another option, the bakery, but the goldfish were closer and seemed much less harmless.  They are so tiny and unassuming, baby goldfish crackers.  It looks like I'll be having scrambled egg whites for dinner.  (not such a bad thing.)

I hate to complain about the weather but I must.  It is getting to me.  I am feeling the same mind-numbing boredom that I felt at the tail end of winter.  I am totally bored with my house and being in my house with my children.  At least some of them went back to school this week!

I know I sound all doom and gloomy but I'm not in real life.  Just in my head.  And here, which is why I haven't been here much.  You're welcome.  :)  I can't fake it here, you see, and moaning about the uncontrollable isn't good for anyone.

The good things:  lots of good workouts this week, a new sports bra that is Amazing, good nights of sleep, baby pickle breath,


that's about it.

Tomorrow we should see the sun!  And then maybe again on Sunday?  Here's hoping.

Also, my prayers are with those down south.  Some drizzle and cold temperatures is nothing compared to losing a home or a life.  I know that. 



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