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R:  Mom, those little girls down there speak English, Spanish and Chinese.
S:  Really?  That is neat, isn't it?
R:  Yeah.  We just speak human right???

R:  Mom, can you tell me how to write, "I promise that next time I go to Lisa's I won't be scared and you can send me to Lisa's again because I won't be scared anymore when you go out of town"?
S:  Um, how about, "I love you, mom" instead.
R:  (considers this)  Okay.  That'll do for now.
 R:  (sobbing)  Mom!  [a neighbor girl] spanked me on the butt so hard with that long stick!!
S:  Oh, Ruby.  What was going on?
R:  I have no idea but I made a good decision not to hit her hard!
R:  Can we go to Ashton's house?
S:  No, we don't have the van today.
R:  We can walk!
S:  Ruby.  He lives like 5 miles away.
R:  Well, you're the one who likes walkin' so much!


Happy Friday everyone!  I always feel dumb after I blog about something I'm proud of myself for.  I always worry I sound braggy or something so I really hope I didn't. 

I was trying to think of a really good April Fools joke for today but it just seemed like too much work.  Sorry. 

My cousin offered me a job cooking for her in return for child care so I will be heading up to Duluth later today.  I hope you're ready for us, Rach!  :) 

Have a good weekend!  We are planning to take advantage of the one nice day (tomorrow) and head up to Devil's Lake for our first visit of the season.  With the metal detector!  fun.  xoxo


  1. You should have said "Ruby, I just got done walking all month I am looking for a couple of days off".

  2. Ready when you are!! ;)

    xoxo Cousin Rachel


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