I was flipping through a (non-fitness) magazine yesterday and saw some sort of add with two women running up some stairs.  It totally inspired me to get up and exercise.  Like, I can do that!  It sounds crazy but I really felt a tiny surge of happiness.  I think I might make myself a collage of these images.  Might not be a bad thing to have around when the tough days hit.

I did exercise on Wednesday but just didn't feel like blogging yesterday.  Wednesday night I bought The Biggest Loser Last Chance workout with Jillian and I really liked it.  I'm looking forward to doing it again later.  (or rather, doing part of it later.)  (Sybil has another great post about workout DVDS here.)

My baby is one tomorrow.  Wow.  He has a cold (not teeth) and is kind of crabby today.  I hope he feels better tomorrow.  It is super windy and icky today but we might venture out of our nest later for some balloons.  Nicholas LOVES balloons so he has to have some for his big day.  (mylar, so he can really play with it.)  I also got him a big dump truck that he lunged for at Target the other day and a small inflatable pool.  Heidi found him a swing for our swingset and gave it to him for his birthday!  Very sweet.

I am a little teary when I think about this past year.  I am mostly so incredibly grateful for this new boy and our family as a whole.  It seems crazy that he is one already but also the year seemed so very full to me.  I really feel like I felt and enjoyed so much of it, so many single little moments of him and us, that it doesn't feel like it went by too fast.  It feels like it was just right.  So thankful.

Contributing to the teary factor is Ruby.  She had her "check out kindergarten" night last night.  :(  My little Ruby!  At kindergarten!  I'm not sure I can share her.

(Well, yes I am and I will but it will be a huge adjustment for me.)

I am sensitive and a little touchy this week but have only had my feelings hurt a couple times and am not letting myself dwell on the incidents.

When I mentioned PMS (and the oreos) last week someone dear to me texted that I should get that IUD Mirena.  I asked if there were side effects and she said, "Only being too sexy!"  (or something like that.)  hahahhaa.  Sign me up!  :)  Actually, weight gain can be a side effect for some people and I just know it would be for me.  That would suck!  I think I am fine just dealing with a little pms and a little extra chocolate.  We shall see, though.

Pickles is upstairs calling for me.  This probably means that he pooped.  Since he is one tomorrow can I put his hot and cozy shabby chic baby blanket into his crib with him??

Have a good weekend, dears.  xoxo


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