one year, one weekend

Nicholas had a very happy birthday.  He loved his balloons and cake and his new dump truck.  He was extra adorable all day and didn't seem to mind Patrick and I staring at him constantly. 


We had a great weekend.  I ate a lot of cake (but not too much) and Patrick and I had afternoon coffee both days.  (we love afternoon coffee)  Patrick asked me if I wanted to work outside on Sunday (I checked, he didn't have a fever) and after the baby went down for his afternoon nap we all went out for about 3 hours.  Chilly and windy but sunny.  A perfect day for flying kites and hauling rocks.

The low point of the weekend was James on Sunday morning.  He is such a pill about going to church every week (even though he always has fun once he's there) and every week it still catches me off guard.  I fined him cash dollars this week and that seemed to stop the complaining quicker than other things. 

Saturday could have gone badly but after Patrick got up I locked myself in our bedroom for a few hours.  I watched tv, read my book, folded some laundry and exercised.  It was wonderful.  He took the big kids bowling and out for lunch so after Nicholas woke up, I still had a quiet house.  I put on Eat, Pray, Love and OH MY GOSH, what a snooze fest.  I didn't like that book but I thought maybe Julia Roberts would make the movie good.  Wrong.  What a boring movie.  I shut it off about 15 minutes into India.  Lame.  After everyone got home we had cake and let pickles open his presents.  So cute.  He stuck one finger tentatively in the frosting at first but went whole hog a minute later.  He likes his cake.  (just like his mama.)

I went shopping with Wendy for a little while that night which was very fun, too.  I got Nicholas the cutest mini pair of sandals.  And a cute pair for myself.  (these from Payless.)

James let the school secretary pull his other tooth out last week so now he looks like this:

just a normal kid who lost his teeth!

Spring Break is this week and Ruby woke up with a bad cough.  Bummer.  :(  Some Mucinex has seemed to help a little.  The weather looks crappy for most of the week but I am still counting on us having a fun week together.  (but I told Patrick there might be some afternoon phone calls...:)  )

Time for me to go shower and EAT.  BIG MOUTH HUNGRY.



  1. Happy Birthday Nicholas!!! I hope that Ruby feels better soon and that James stops being a pill! It does not seem that long ago that our first ones where one year old. Remember how weird that felt?

  2. Love the pictures honey.....he looks so sweet. I can't wait to see you guys. James w/no front teeth......still as cute as ever though. xoxo mama

  3. I don't know how I missed this post before! What sweet pictures. Happy belated birthday, Nicholas!


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