ouch (warning: gross picture)

My poor James.  He was nervous about going to school yesterday morning because he thought kids would laugh at him.  His teacher made sure he knew how worried all of his classmates were...it was sweet.  (only one boy from another class laughed.  little rat.  ;)  ) 

After school yesterday:

S:  Did you see the boy you collided with at recess?
J:  Yeah.  He...
R:  (interrupting from the back seat)  Did he have your tooth stickin' out of his head?
S:  (I couldn't help it...I burst out laughing)  HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAa.
J:  ha ha. 

(Patrick and I have been noticing lately that Ruby is pretty quick-witted.)



  1. Ouch! Poor little guy! (I would have laughed, too!)

  2. my poor buddy.....it does look painful.......tell him thanks for letting gramma see, ok? Yeah....Ruby is pretty quick witted..........wonder where she gets it from????? Duh....her entire family is pretty witty I'd say :). Love you all, gramma

  3. Tell James his Aunt Cheryl didn't think it looked gross. He looks like a tough guy! I guess now he knows what he'll look like if he played hockey though...and its a good time to decide on being a doctor or astronaut instead ;)

  4. Poor guy. I hope it feels better very soon!


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