sometimes I feel like seventy is nipping at my heels

Did you guys see my new header?  It's a section of that lovely tray my mom gave me in January.  Thanks, Mom.  I still love it.

Oh yeah, not too long ago Ruby told me she thought she'd be happier living with my mom.  Oh, really? I said.  Yes, she said.  I told her I would try to arrange that.  ;)

I am having a hungry day.  I have them sometimes, hungry days.  I am half way trying to keep track of these sorts of things and this is what I've noticed:

  • I have hungry days after a night of not much sleep
  • If I stay up past 10pm and then come downstairs...I want a snack
Okay, I guess that's all of my observations for today.  Two is enough, isn't it?  Okay, okay.  I know eight is enough but two will have to do for today.  (loved Kristy McNichol.)

My goals for April (in case you were wondering) are as follows:
  1. exercise at least 5 days a week, preferably 6
  2. no blogging unless I've exercised the previous day (because sometimes I like to exercise at night and I couldn't blog all day if the old "no blogging until after exercise" was still my rule.)
  3. Focus on my arms.  Specifically, do arm exercises 3 days a week.  (MWF)
  4. Work on jogging.  I have ran some intervals twice now and it is much better with my new shoes and a much slower pace.  James' class has to run for a solid 9 minutes by the end of the school year so that is my goal, too.  (I would also still like to do a 5K with Kari but will probably walk most of it.)  (am okay with that.)
  5. lose 3.5 more pounds (already lost 2 of them so this should be do-able unless I totally derail and visit the new Krispy Kreme with a fistful of dollars and an empty wagon.)
The 3.5lb loss would bring me to my first goal:  10 lbs gone!  I am already 2lb down from last week so I should be able to do this.  I am fully enjoying these early days of this being pretty easy.  I know there are plateaus and cravings lurking around every week so I'm relishing these early successes.  They keep me going, you know?  I also know that exercising has a huge role in all of this.  I feel like I love my body right now.  Not so much how all of it looks but more what we are doing and I.  (how's that for sappy?)  (this is another post to reference when I am in the throes of bloating and chocolate in another week or so.)

I don't think I said this here.  Ultimately, I'd like to lose 40 pounds.  Crazy to think that I am almost 1/4 of the way there.  How did that happen?  Anyways.  This is my theory about this.  I am not in a race to lose this weight.  I'd like to do it slowly over the next year.  I know there will be times I go off track and gain some back.  I just am hoping and praying that this is "in" me enough now to get back to it.  I want to lose weight to look better, sure.  But mainly?  I have this deep fear of not being around for my kids as long as I'd like.  I know I can't prevent cancer or the other awful things that happen to us but I know exercising and eating right plays an important role in a long and healthy life.  I have a ONE year old and I am nearly 40.  I will be SEVENTY when he is only 30.  I want to be the best 70 that I can be.

Also?  I want to have lots of good times with Patrick after our kids move out.  :)

I am tempted to go into my unhealthy habits of my youth (cough smoking cough) but am running out of steam.  Did I mention I am hungry today?

I have to wrap this up and jump in the shower.  Nicholas (my not quite one year old baby) had a big day yesterday.  He started taking 5-6-7 steps at a time and did it all day long.  We are so proud of him and I totally love to see his little body lurching towards me.



  1. OMG I totally could have written this post. Besides I don't exercise and I have gained 10 lbs rather than lose and I am lazy but besides that, I want to eat healthier too and I am having a hungry day and I am nearly 40 with a one year old and I enjoyed a cig (or 25) a day in my youthful years (alot of times with you) and I have the same deep fear of not being around long enough for my babies. No wonder we get along so well except you like to walk and I like to ride (lazy :)) but I am trying. Might join the YMCA, Pete wants to not me.

    Seriously, I am proud of you!! You're an inspiration!

  2. you are very sweet. xoxo Join the Y! Free childcare! :) Do you want to try the walking DVD that I like?

  3. Hey Lady! Great post--I would also like to lose 40 lbs. I lose and gain and lose and gain 15 over and over. but hopefully with my new job there will be lots of comrades doing the same thing and for the right reasons. Hey, what are sunbutter balls? BTW I read your jiggly arms exercises post a while back and bookmarked some of the exercises!

  4. Good Morning Peanut.
    We joined the Y so I'll give that a try just walking the track while Pete swims :) We can have the kids in daycare (their regular daycare) up to 9.5hrs a day and both of us only need to work 8hrs and the Y is within blocks so really I have no excuse not to go, right? I'll keep you posted...


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