this post doesn't really get started until the end

Not a lot to report on today.  We've had 2 more days of beautiful weather which has been SUPER awesome.  Ruby and I had a really nice time together yesterday and I felt really happy that she was next to me, digging for worms.

I am thinking we'll do a container garden again this year.  What the heck, right?  It was fun last time and will probably stop me from starting a bigger project (garden) that I can't possibly keep up with this year.  I wanted to go get seeds this afternoon but stopped myself because Nicholas & I were already in Madison this morning.

Speaking of baby, he has a runny nose again today.  Maybe those 2 bottom teeth he's been waiting on are finally going to appear?  Hope so.

Last night the kids had so much fun playing outside.  Patrick decided it was a good night for a fire so he lit one around 7.  I came out after the baby went down and it felt so good to sit there.  It was a long winter.  (but I heard snow this weekend????  WTH?)

Finally, here is a picture of Nicholas helping me the other day.

See all his little dishes down there?  He is so helpful.


p.s.  My mom was telling me yesterday about all the yummy stuff she's been bringing to work for lunch.  Mini pepperonis, string cheese, olives, baby pickles, cherry tomatoes...yum!  Did you mention cottage cheese, Mom?  Because I totally bought some today and I wasn't even sure why.  It was good, though.  :)  I had it stirred up with tuna fish, chopped pickles, some mustard and s&p.  Served with saltines, it was really good.  (but strange, I must admit.)


oh wait!  I did the 30 day shred again yesterday and kicked some ASS.  (ha.  kidding.)  It did go well though, but those jumping jacks are not kind to the breasts.  Bra suggestions again, anyone?  (will check out fleet feet when I get back over there.  bought some socks there last week and thought it was a great store!)

oh one more thing.  I did the workout with my 3 pound weights (I normally use 5 or 10lb now) because I was too LAZY to walk upstairs and get the other ones.  HAHAHAHAHHAA.  How's that for phoning it in, JIllian?!

xoxo (for real)


  1. Look up Enell. I have one and there are about a billion clips up the front. Works awesome, which it better for much you pay for it. I have one but need to get a second because I wear it 6 days a week.


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