visions of normalcy

I had a vision of myself outside this morning.  Pickles would be napping and I would be out by myself in the sunshine, spreading some mulch on my one cleared out bed, planting a few bulbs and hauling a few buckets of rocks.  It was a lovely vision and Ruby had to go and screw it up!  :)  It still will happen but I will have a little sidekick to show me bugs and scream, "My belly hurts!" every few minutes.   (She is better today but not back-to-school better.)  (I got her some pull ups last night for bedtime and so we could leave the house later today.  Poor happens so fast sometimes.  I hope the worst of that is over.)

Yesterday was a long ass day, friends.  I was at my limit by the time Patrick got home and yelled at him for something he did a few weeks ago.  Haha, he loves when I do that.  (he had parked too close to where I back the van out of the garage and I nearly ran into his car.  duh!!)  Then I went to the grocery store for some Pedialyte and a candy bar (3 musketeers truffle bar?  170 calories and pretty yummy) and felt better by the time I got back.  Patrick wasn't hating on me for hating on him...he knew I was just lashing out due to exhaustion and my kids (James) putting me through the wringer yesterday afternoon.  He was being SUCH a pill but I held it together so well.  Well, except for when I dragged him down to the basement but he couldn't see the look on my face so I don't think that counts.  Right?  Right.  (He was not listening or moving on his own so I had to move him myself.  He is heavy!  Little rat.)  He stayed down there for over an hour because he refused to clean up the lower level.  That was his consequence for being rotten when I said it was time to do his reading.  Not just protesting but truly being rotten.  I am torn because I like him to have some time to chill after school but he is such a rat then when it's time to do the homework.  Today I am trying homework right when he gets home and see how that goes.  (And he had had a big snack so I know he wasn't hungry.)

So add the James drama along with the Ruby poopy drama and it was a looooong day.  Nicholas was perfect, though.  Very cute, slept a lot and smelled delicious.  Ruby slept all night and pickles only got up once so I got some rest, too.  Today is better already!  (Patrick gave Nicholas a shower last night and now he smells so clean.  I hate that.  Now I have to wait another day or so for that delicious pickle smell to come back.)

I am still working out.  Yesterday I did an on demand Pilates workout that was pretty good but I am kind of addicted to the cardio/strength combo now.  I've really noticed how that 30 days of cardio (walking) really upped my endurance.  I can do the workouts I try now the whole way through.  I might not be able to do all of the exercises (hello push ups, I'm looking at you) but I just substitute in something I can do and join them when I can.  (I always try the push ups.  I can do about 3 with good form.)  I really love Joy Bauer.  Her workouts make me sweat so much!  I put her on the same level as Jackie Warner for difficulty.  I just wish all workouts were 30 minutes.  (you know, if everything was created to meet my needs.)  :)

And now some pictures for my readers who don't really like to read all of my blah, blah, blah.  (aka thomas)  :)

I think he needs a haircut but Patrick says no.

 This lunch was delicious and filling.  (scrambled egg beaters, refried beans, avocado and canned tomatoes.)  YUM.
 Just the poppers.



  1. i want your lunch! seester

  2. On doing homework - we have a rule that it has to be done as soon as we get home from school. Since Ben naps until pick-up time, I give both kids a big snack and have them sit at the table together. Ben colors or does moon sand while she works. If we wait until after dinner, she's a hot mess. Plus my fuse isn't so short that soon after pick-up. The best part for me is I can start dinner while they are both occupied.

  3. We have to do homework before anything else gets done (or I will forget he has it:) But he does get a snack first (or things get VERY bad VERY fast.... not that I would EVER let that happen;))


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