when boys collide

James had a head on collision with another little boy at school yesterday.  I got called to school a little after noon and when I saw James I was shocked.  One of his front teeth was knocked clear out of his head.  The other one is super loose and the dentist thinks it will be out in the next few days.  Thank God these are his baby teeth!  My poor buddy.  His gums look awful...all purple with blood blisters above some of his other teeth.  He feels fine, though.  Didn't even want any Tylenol.  The other little boy was fine, too.  No stitches thankfully.  yikes!

The dentist said that even though those teeth hadn't felt loose to James yet, they would have been before too long.  They probably came out easier than his permanent teeth would have.

When I can look at him without wanting to cry, he looks hilarious.  Kind of like a hillbilly or a convict.  He isn't ready to share pictures yet but I'll post one when (if) he is. 

I had so much adrenaline running while I got the kids up to go to school and then came home, called the dentist and loaded us all back up again.  It's scary when your kids get hurt.  Thank God it wasn't any worse.  And, as James said, thank God it wasn't his brain.  :)



  1. Oh my God I hope he looks better (It sounds like he already feels better) soon. At least he was not fighting with the boy:)

  2. Oh my gosh! Poor James! That sounds awful. I hope he bounces back quickly!

  3. There is just such a vulnerable feeling when your kid's teeth get injured, isn't there? It so awful. I'm sorry, and I'm sooo glad they were baby teeth.

    No tylenol?! What a brave little guy!

    When your adrenaline kicked in, did you have one of those "I'm a mom" moments? Like, "get out of my way, my kid is injured, I will do anything and everything to get him help NOW" moments?


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