charmed, I'm sure

I got my larger size charms last week and the first one I made was for a friend who has three boys, all with 4 letters in their names.  It turned out so cute that I made this one for myself next.  When I was making it I wished that I could fit Patrick's name on there, too.  The first thing Patrick asked when I showed it to him?  Where's my name?  :)  The kids love this but also asked where daddy's name was.  I am thinking of a plan to fit them all on.  My little loves.

I have accepted 5 orders so far and would love to make one for you, if you'd like.  Here are the details:

  • The cost for one stamped charm plus one bead charm is $10. (example here)
  • Cost for additional stamped charms is $5
  • Cost for additional bead charms is $2
  • I can do up to 5 letters or numbers on the small charms and up to 7 on the big ones.  (maybe 8?  If you need 8, email me and I'll check it out)
  • You can layer a small charm on a big one and see both names (kinda like this but I only have 2 sizes)
  • This does not include the necklace.
  • Charms are stainless steel
  • Shipping is $2
  • Email me at stephaniekg AT yahoo DOT com and we'll talk specifics
Thank you so much!  :)



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