coasters or something

Remember last year, right before Nicholas was born, when I got that gorgeous vintage dresser?  Well, I needed a coaster for it.  Every night I bring up a big glass of water and every night I have to put it on a magazine or library book (my bad) or something so as not to ruin the dresser.  Duh.  Coaster.

I ended up making three of the first one for me and my sisters.  (The third soon-to-be sister is not yet a mother.)  I loved how they turned out even though it was harder than heck to keep their circular shape when sewing shut.  I wanted to make some for my mothers and found this pretty blue fabric in my stash that perfectly matched an orange gingham I had just picked up.  (via a pair of mens pj pants)  These turned out NOTHING like a circle after stitching up so I just went with it and quilted kind of a crazy circular pattern on them.  Much better.

They totally reminded me of flowers and I had a sudden inspiration to feature them as blooms on some homemade cards.  I got out my watercolors and came up with this:

Come on.  You've GOT to laugh with me about this.  :)  An artist, I am not.  hehahahhaheheheheheaa.  I scrapped this idea and went with the store bought cards.  I think it is a cute idea but the coasters would have to be tiny or the card huge to make it look better.  And yes, I would need to work on my technique.  snort.
Andrea wasn't sure if it was a hot pad or a coaster.  A hot pad??  Isn't it a little small for that, I asked?  She laughed, "NO!  Not like you'd use to take something out of the one you'd set something hot on."  hahahahhaa.  Cheryl texted me something funny about them, too, but she was just kidding.  She knows a coaster when she sees one.  :)  Patrick thought I was whipping up quilted breast pads.  ha!  Watch my etsy shop for those soon!  (j.k.)
I have actually been doing a fair amount of sewing lately but haven't written about it yet.  I've been taking in lots (like 6) of shirts and skirts (like 4) and just did my first pair of pants today!  The first two are super simple, the will depend.  I have a pair of jeans that I'm going to try next and they seem like they'll be trickier.  Nothing to lose, right?  I am at that in between point where lots of my size 16s are too loose and I'm not comfortably in a 14 yet.  I figure I've taken most of this stuff down a size or two and it's been pretty easy.  (sometimes I buy larger size shirts at the dig if they are beautiful fabric or something.)  I will splurge on new pants/shorts when I hit an easy 14, where I will probably be for a while.  (I lost another 1.5 lbs so I finally broke the 15lb barrier!  woohoo!)  (throwing away the Easter candy definitely helped this past few days.)  (of course now I'm going to get my period so NO WEIGHING until next week.)



  1. Hey Lady, checking in. Remember me? probably not. [wink] Anyhoo, the coasters are DIVINE and even if they were too bulky for the cards you could always make color copies of them on cardstock. CUTE! Congrats on needing to take in some clothes--looks like all that hard work is paying off!


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