container gardening is where it's at*

I was having anxiety attacks last Friday afternoon because the baby wouldn't sleep and the neighbor kids were driving me nuts.  The wind had died down and all I wanted to do was work outside.  Finally, pickles went down and the boys went in for some quiet time (a time out for yanking out all of my rhubarb!) and Ruby and I could get to work. 

We were out of popsicle sticks so we substituted rocks.  I had mentioned making salad with our lettuce earlier so Ruby asked me how to spell SALAD for the mesclun pots.  :)  James was home by this point so he helped, too.  We also started a tray of 7 different veggies and flowers inside.  It's hard to say what we'll end up with but it was really fun and totally what I was craving.
Ruby's rock:

I labeled this next picture for facebook the other day because it made me particularly happy.  It's been great having clothes out on the line again!  I am also so thankful that Patrick got the rain barrels hooked up before all that rain we had so they are FULL.  (it is a pain to hook ours up because we can't find the right size tubing.  He had to heat up a smaller size tube with the blowtorch until it would stretch over the valves.  Or maybe he just made that up so he could use the blowtorch??)


Nicholas got up at 5:40.  WTH, Pickles??

I was so tired by the time Patrick got home last night.  The kids just sucked the life out of me yesterday afternoon.  I went right upstairs with my book and he took them all out to play for a while.  The book is very good.  I was very happy to have 20 minutes of quiet.  Then it was time to put baby to bed and I went right back to bed afterwards.  (well, right after I made a quick trip to the store to buy a medical product that I had hoped I would never need.  I will let you try to imagine what.  It's a totally embarrassing/horrifying one.) (sigh.)

It is Wednesday already!  WooHOo!  Now that I have the Mother's Day gifts in the can, it's time for Teacher Appreciation gifts.  The last few years (kindergarten and pre-school) I have just bought Starbucks gift cards and asked them for an empty small cup.  Put the card in the cup, stick a bow on top and call it done.

It is now 6:40.  Patrick said he'd get up at 7 so I can take a (much needed) shower.  We all need to be out the door at 7:45, quite a feat, because I need the van again so we'll have to drive him to work.  He wanted to fix his car himself but said that we could bring it in on Friday if he hadn't gotten to it yet.  tick tock, tick tock, bunny.


*I just made that up.


  1. depends? poise? lol

    (and if so i can pass along my urological surgeon FIL's advice.)

  2. You should really just tell us because I'm sure my imagination is way worse than whatever it is...

  3. I would love the advice! Steph, I have been buying the poise in the fluorescent pink and purple bag that practically glows for several months. I don't understand why they can't make the packaging neutral colors so the package isn't screaming for attention as I walk along the aisles in Target. I don't know if that's your medical product, but if it is, I'm right there with ya! If not, what is it?


  5. I'm just waiting to her your sisters witty comment about what the problem is!
    I love that my word verification is gross - hahahaha

  6. I could never break her trust, BUT, I believe she may be sharing about a certain ------ ----------- she was inquiring about recently... but I can't be sure! hahaha :) I would have traveled a far distance from home to purchase this particular item, so I give her props for going down to the corner store! Or I would have purchased it with a "Happy 40th" gag birthday card! HAHAHAHAHA seester

  7. Cousintine, what is your second guess? seester


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