I feel so defeated.  Our fence was scheduled for tomorrow and due to an oversight on their part (not telling me I needed to get a permit.  I assumed (dumb!) that we didn't need one because we didn't need one for the patio) it had to be pushed back until the week after next.  sigh.  I will survive (obviously) but was so excited earlier!!  :(

I feel uplifted because James was looking over my shoulder at these pics and asked, "Is that you?  You look so skinny!"  Then he stood back and looked at me and said, "You are smaller, Mom!"  Now, I am FAR from skinny (remember I am working my way into a 14?  not skinny) but to hear him say that made me feel good.  I am just a little bit below where I was when I got pregnant with pickles.  Not skinny but better, for sure.  Thanks, kid.

So, I will share the pics.  The one is deceiving because the waist of the jeans falls just right so you don't see my fat belly.  :)  Anyways, I don't think you'd guess that the jeans had been altered unless you had seen them before.  I might skim a tiny bit more off of each thigh.  We'll see, I'm going to wear them tomorrow.

The side of the jeans before:  (note grommet on side of front pocket...on the left in the picture)
 Side of jeans after:  no grommet
 I just measured in an inch on each side and sewed down at an angle.  I ended up going a lot farther than the picture shows because they first looked like jodhpurs.  :) 
 Here they are on, with my filthy mirror and unmade bed:
 Front.  Mirror still filthy, see how the thighs stick out a little?
 From the back.  Pockets are farther out on my bum but not in a weird way, I don't think.
So, the moral of the story?  Don't be afraid to try your own alterations!  It's easier than you think.  :)

I am going to take my baby outside now.  I wish I had a beer.  (a light beer!)  ;)



  1. Wow, you can't even tell, that is awesome, and you do look skinny!! Well done seester! :)

  2. Just add one more thing to the laundry list of things you can do!! I second your sister, well done!! You look great - congrats on your hard work. And James ... what can I say - he's going to make some girl very happy someday ;) sweetie pie.
    The permit/fence delay sucks!! boo

  3. Way to go!! You did an awesome job on those jeans AND the weight loss. You seriously look amazing!

    That fence will be there in no time!


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