For some strange reason I decided to try these biscuit donuts on Saturday morning.  This was the day of Ruby's party and I thought, "Oh, I have plenty of time to make and frost those cupcakes later."  Ha.  Anyways.  I don't have a frying thermometer so my oil got waaaaaay too hot and I burned most of them.  When they started coming out right I cut them up so we'd all get a few.  The kids loved them and James was happy to taste a fried donut instead of the usual baked ones that I make.  (not that I make them all the time.)  (I love donuts too much to do that.)  (I tried these a few years ago and they didn't work at. all.  Oil was too hot then, too, I suppose.)

Anyways, try them!  They are good.


Blogger put up my post from last week that had gone missing.  Mom, it should be right under the snake post. 

This may or may not be a big day for us.  I will find out by 8am.  :)



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